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Perpetual Motion Breakthrough!

Hello Mr. Steve Rhodes:

The following press release about a new breakthrough in the concept of perpetual motion is found in the Solomon Series, which may be of interest to your audience. Any editorial comment or mention that you may give this press release would be greatly appreciated.

- - -


Dateline: April 11, 2007 . . . Houston, TX
Contact: Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden
Phone: (850) 685-2353
Web Address:

HOUSTON, TX - April 11, 2007 - The "Energy Issue" is being addressed through a new breakthrough in concept and design of "Perpetual Motion" theory. While studying ancient construction projects in the Middle East, a researcher learns how to conduct massive projects without modern/conventional power sources. What power process was used prior to man's dependence on Petroleum products? Prior to "combustion" theory there was a technology developed and abandoned, because they did not have the ability to manufacture small rigid structures. Now that we have plastics, metal, etc., we are empowered by ancient power and wisdom to resurrect old technology developed long before it was perfectly understood.

While on assignment in the Middle East, a Houston based Oil and Gas Consultant births a type of research that defines concepts of perpetual motion devices that once started requires no external power sources. By studying ancient methods, Texts, and Ancient Wisdom, a technology long since lost has been un-earthed in the sands of Egypt and the Middle East. Is it possible the energy of the Great Pyramid can be harnessed for modern industrial use? The answer will amaze you. The patent applications and studies are being released online for critical examination by universities and technology interests. In a free downloadable "e-book" series an author/researcher releases the latest in Archaeological finds WITH news on patent research birthed 4,600 years ago in the time of the pharaohs.

How did the ancients understand perpetual motion? Long before our dependence on Petro-Chemical products, the ancients conducted massive building projects that have withstood the test of time. What are the odds that they developed technology because of their "lack", BUT abandoned it because they did not have modern plastics, metals, and structural understandings of today? What if their superior understanding of simple concepts have been over-looked because we have failed to put our mystic theories to rest? Fortunately, the ancient Egyptian structures have survived for an apparent "eternity," so that this "test" of the perpetual motion concept has been underway for over 4,000 years . . . . . . Modern science/technology viewing ancient wisdom uncovers the energy breakthrough of the millenia. The core process of the ancients is revealed in a no-cost book series at The patents and concepts which follow the initial book series is to be released on the same website for the world to see. Virtual tours, 3-D imagery, photos, sketches, drawings will be made readily available to all who download the free e-book series.

Working models are being built and tested to demonstrate a "balance of power" coupled with a "Divine Dis-Equilibrium" or "chaos" to perpetuate confusion in a balanced environment. What the world will soon see is two forces striving for equilibrium connected to an imbalanced system brings about forces never harnessed nor perceived in this manner before.

See The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, at, a no-cost E-book, patent exposure, virtual tours, etc.

About the Inventor/Author:

The discovery is being unearthed online at no charge in an electronic book (PDF file), available at The author is on short term assignment in Egypt conducting high risk mobilization and exploration projects for marine consulting issues in the offshore oil industry. His exploration and mobilization experience in the offshore oil fields gave him a unique perspective on resources not presently seen on Giza Plateau the site, but in abundance when one understands three simple things: Limestone, Sand, and Water. Equipped with a transportation degree (USMMA, Kings Point 1985), a risk management (loss investigation) background, an MBA (From the University of Houston) to cover the economic issues, and while working on a Doctorate in the study of Ancient Texts, and with support from friends at, the author/teacher Captain Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden reveals how the structure (Great Pyramid) was built by starting at the top and working to the bottom, as if it were being peeled like a banana. This reveals "perpetual motion" or energy sources not seen previously in the world of today.


Posted on April 20, 2007

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