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Other People's Money

Both Parade and Chicago did their annual "What They Earn" issues recently. We combined the most interesting into one list.


* Twila Schuster, real estate broker in Fairbanks, Alaska: $173,300

* Rex Grossman, quarterback, Chicago: $629,290

* Jeff Foxworthy, Atlanta: $10 million

* Glen Heroy, hospital clown, New York City: $28,000

* Allison Elmore, senior colorist, Art + Science salon, Chicago: $80,000

* Lyle Wing, assistant to the president, Rainbow/PUSH, Chicago: $74,000

* Briant Kent, personal trainer, Crunch, Chicago: $80,881

* John Vinson, bounty hunter, Morgantown, W. Va.: $74,000

* Jessica Zimmerman, Secret Service officer, Washington, D.C.: $48,400

* John Vincent, singer, Mike Ditka's restaurant and elsewhere, Chicago: $211,000

* Mariska Hargitay, actress, Los Angeles: $7 million

* Margaret Clodius, court reporter, St. Louis: $100,000

* Deborah Miller, waitress, St. Michael, Md.: $36,000

* Alison Miller, life coach, Chicago: $164,000

* Jason Miller, rodeo steer wrestler, Lance Creek, Wyo.: $178,000

* Julie Krug, sign language interpreter, Chicago: $62,000

* Laura Davis, flight attendant, United Airlines, Chicago: $35,000

* Sanjay Dhar, marketing professor, University of Chicago: $787,867

* Amanda Lewis, school principal, Columbia, Ill.: $109,600

* Ted Dawson, sportscaster, Idaho Falls, Idaho: $33,500

* Elizabeth Moisant, Comic book publisher, Oak Park, Ill.: $110,000

* Donna Puls, locksmith, Iowa City: $45,200

* Mary Lindgren, detective, Prospect Heights: $72,447

* Jimmy Parrish, ID theft consultant, Birmingham, Ala.: $143,000

* Brian P. Wicks, orthopedic surgeon, Silverdale, Wash.: $425,000

* Tiffany Todd, 911 supervisor, Decatur, Ill.: $54,500

* Gary Zell, meteorologist, Tucson, Ariz.: $77,500

* Bridget Matarrese, regional airline pilot, Marietta, Ga.: $31,000

* Brian Leachman, car sales manager, Odenton, Md.: $205,000

* Cynthia Hess, psychic, Albuquerque: $38,000

* Mike Crawford, deputy sheriff, Baton Rouge: $35,000

* Shetal Amin, speech pathologist, Piscataway, N.J.: $85,000


Complete lists:
- Parade
- Chicago


Posted on April 14, 2008

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