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On the Juice: Day 9

Some people start the New Year off with a few poxy resolutions scribbled down somewhere only to be forgotten by February. Me? I'm going on a two-week juice fast.

Day 9: Driving Force
I like to challenge myself, as you've probably guessed by now, so today I tried something I've shied away from thus far in my fast. I got behind the wheel of a car.

This wasn't just a question of wanton fancy. It was actually a necessity. In general, as a city mouse I can avoid taking to the streets. However, I teach yoga out in the suburbs on Tuesdays and there really isn't any other way to get there. So there I was on a bright, sunny afternoon, 100% food-free for more than a week, hitting the highway with a peppy little V6 underfoot. And you know what? I can comfortably say I wasn't the most high-risk driver out there. I think that distinction would probably go to the crazy lady with no wing mirrors switching lanes the way some people kick off their shoes. Or perhaps the guy who was consulting a map flung open across his steering wheel while holding and talking on a cell phone. The open road is populated by psychopaths, my friends, and an ultra-focused fasting fiend is the least of your worries.

That I noticed every nutty driver out there is due to one of the most aggravating side effects of an extended fast; fits of extreme self-doubt. Your nutrition level drops a little, your heart rate increases and suddenly you're convinced your body is shutting down for good. Every shadow, every line, every angle of your face screams that this was a bad idea; every routine, everyday ache and pain tells you you've really screwed yourself up this time. You watch the road like a hawk because you're sure any minute now the screen will go blank and you'll be another statistic. I always I felt the mental part of the fast would be far more difficult to handle than the physical. I had absolutely no idea just how hard it would be.

Take for example a conversation I had with a friend who mentioned that my eyes look different these days. She described them as being brighter and perhaps a little trippy. At the time I thought, "Hey, cool!" But within an hour, as my body settled into its early-evening fatigue, I started to wonder. Just what does "trippy" mean? Do I look manic? Desperate? Starved? Can everyone see this? Is that why everyone is looking at me funny? Is everyone looking at me funny? Are they?

There are a million and two tiny things that happen to your body when you fast. More than likely, the vast majority of them also happen when you eat. You just never notice them. But because you are expecting things to be different, every difference becomes fodder for this type of panicked speculation. So how to manage this? I drink a little juice, I wait a little while. Sure enough, as soon as the nutrition hits my system I feel alert, confident, even trippy.

Day 9 Hunger Level: My stomach was quite vocal during the day, but again it wasn't linked to any actual hunger. When I envision eating in my mind, I feel oddly comforted but also a bit confused.

Day 9 Energy Level: Fairly consistent and quite high at that.

Day 9 Physical Condition: I'd like to shift the attention away from my own physical condition toward the condition of Dave's juicer. In terms of juicing horse power, it's holding up splendidly. However, the toll of nine days' continuous employment is beginning to show on its plastic components. This is my way of saying, dude, Dave? Your juicer is totally turning green. Don't worry - I'll give it a thorough soak and scrub before turning it back to you.

Day 9 Mental State: Aside from the crazy brooding mood swings, the boredom and the isolation, I'm doing just fine, thanks.

Day 9 Juices:
#1: Chard, Banana, Grape, Mango
#2: Beet, Spinach, Parsley, Ginger, Carrot, Apple, Orange
#3: Banana, Chard, Broccoli, Apple
#4: Purchased Odwalla Mo' Beta Drink (half bottle)

Total amount: approx. 50 oz.

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Posted on January 9, 2007

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