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Memory Geeks Unite!


Dateline: Istanbul, Turkey
Contact: Mr. Sinan Kilic
Web Address:

For the first time, both top memory and mental calculation brains will compete in Memoriad (Memory Olympiad) 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey. The event, organized by the Memoriad Foundation, will take place on the 1st and 2nd of November at the Marmara Hotel, under the patronage of the Turkish Tourism and Culture Ministry.

2008 World Memory Champion Ben Pridmore, 2008 Mental Calculation Champion Alberto Coto Garcia, and former champions such as Gunther Karsten, Andi Bell, Jan van Koningsveld, Rudiger Gamm, Johannes Mallow, Jorge Arturo Mendoza Huertas and Robert Fountain are just a few world celebrity brains that will compete in Istanbul.

Over 40 competitors from more than 10 countries will take part over two days in eight different comprehensive tests of memory and mental calculation disciplines. These include:

* Binary Numbers
* Names and Faces
* Numbers Marathon
* Speed Cards
* Speed Mental Multiplication
* Speed Mental Addition
* Mental Square Roots
* Mental Calendar Dates

The winner of each category will be given $1,500. The second place winner of each category will be given $750 and the third place winner of each category will be given $500. A total of $22,000 (USD) will be given out. Sponsoring the prize money is the Memoriad Foundation.

For the first time, Memoriad competitions will be managed by a professional software called Memoriad Competition Simulator. With this improvement, manual evaluation errors of results will be totally eradicated. Memoriad software, prepared by Memoriad Foundation, can be downloaded for free by all prospective competitors to practice with.

This means that everybody can test himself or herself with this free software which can be found at:

At the opening ceremony of Memoriad, Bernett Orlando will do a blindfolded Rubik's cube show. Rudiger Gamm (the human calculator), Ulrich Voight (the Pi Man) and finally John Louis (the memory man), will do some extraordinary mental calculation and memory shows.

Mr. Melik Duyar, the chairman and the founder of Memoriad says, "Our mission is to support the development of human brain through memory and mental calculation games. By organizing such events we also contribute to world peace with mental sports Olympiad."

Mr Duyar goes on to say, "The event will also be record breaking with the greatest number of top memory and mental calculation mental athletes from the most wide range of countries ever, including Germany, Spain, France, Nigeria, USA, Algeria, England, Peru, Turkey, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia and Lebanon." Mr Duyar also added that they plan to organize the next memoriad in the Continent of America.


MEMORIAD, also a trademark in 148 countries as Memory Olympiads, is an organization that holds memory, mental calculation and photographic speed reading championships all over the world. Although MEMORIAD takes place every four years internationally in parallel to Olympic Games, the World Memoriad Committee supports National Yearly Memoriads financially in different countries.

Issued by Memoriad Organization, a more detailed press release can be downloaded from: in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish languages.


Posted on October 29, 2008

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