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Mass Australian Hypnosis Touted

The following press release announcing the work of a leading clinical hypnotherapist who's assistance has aided drought-afflicted farmers in Australia, may be of interest to your audience. Any editorial comment or mention that you may give this press release would be greatly appreciated.

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Dateline: Perth, Western Australia
Web Address:

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - January 31, 2008 - Farmers in New South Wales may have received welcome rain over the past month, but the effects of the drought that has plagued the state are far from over.

"The psychological effects of the drought continue to devastate farming families in New South Wales," said Rick Collingwood, a world-renowned hypnotherapist and the founder of Mind Motivations and the Australian Academy of Hypnosis. "We are seeing signs of trauma, depression, and even suicidal thought throughout the region."

Although a little over half of New South Wales is currently drought declared, a year ago the figure was over 90 percent. "The long-term effects of the drought won't be washed away with a few rainstorms," said Collingwood. "These farming families have faced very bleak times, and are often without hope for a brighter future."

Collingwood has been working with the Drought Relief Committee in Lockhart, which is situated in Eastern Riverina, New South Wales, and has made a commitment to help the farming community in any way he can.

According to John Lordi, producer of Collingwood's IRIE radio program in the U.S., "Rick had been sending complimentary self-hypnosis CDs to depressed farmers in New South Wales, and the CDs had helped so much that an organizer phoned and asked whether or not Rick would be willing to come out and help if the organization could get government funding. His immediate response was to forget the government grant -that he would go to the Lockhart region for three days beginning February 21."

While in Lockhart, Collingwood will conduct two group hypnosis sessions. "My intent is to put an end to feelings of hopelessness and depression, and give farming families the tools they need to begin to turn their lives around," Collingwood said. "I want to turn on the healing forces that reside within each person."

Collingwood's breakthrough techniques in hypnotherapy have resulted in his helping terminal cancer patients, service members returning from Iraq, and young people who are in rehabilitation, to name a few. His latest efforts have been in the fields of autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), where non-hypnosis interventions have had promising results.

Collingwood's dedication to the plight of farmers in drought-stricken New South Wales is certain to make a difference. "Rick is relentless in his efforts to help those in need, and will do whatever it takes to help families better cope with the long-lasting impact of the drought," concluded Lordi.


Rick Collingwood is one of the world's most skilled therapeutic hypnotists and hypnosis trainer. He founded Mind Motivations and the Australian Academy of Hypnosis, and is also on the committee of The Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists. He has accredited training in hypnosis, counseling, and mental health issues. He has also earned a gold ARIA Award for his Lose Weight Now! Hypnosis CD.


Posted on January 31, 2008

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