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Little George Bush

On the 2nd day of Christmas, Tom Latourette gave to me
Two full terms and a song of presidential mediocrity


Little George Bush

Well way down in Texas, hanging at his ranch
Job approval's in the toilet, Congress - Democrat
Civil liberties gone, he waved them all bye-bye
In his new biography, he says he likes to cry

He's the Little George Bush (Little George Bush)
He's the Little George Bush (Little George Bush)

Got in Afghanistan - and screwed up Iraq
This year he'll take Iran - It's just down the block
He doesn't waste his time with diplomacy
He does it in the name of democracy

He's the Little George Bush (Little George Bush)
He's the Little George Bush (Little George Bush)

Bomb Bomb Iraq
Bomb Syria
Bomb Bomb Iran
Then North Korea
It's the Axis of Evil

Weapons of mass destruction - well he used that line
Nuclear bombs and terrorists - will have to do this time
Halliburton execs - still profit from the war
With Condeleeza Rice, I would love to score

It's the Little George Bush (Little George Bush)
It's the Little George Bush (Little George Bush)

Aaaah, Merry Christmas George Bush
You're trying for peace in the Middle East
Aaaah, Merry Christmas George Bush
he budget deficit's getting steep
Aaaah, Merry Christmas George Bush
Your bullshit quotient's getting deep


The 12 Days of Beachwood Christmas:
- Day 1: Have a Dysfunctional Family Christmas


Posted on December 15, 2007

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