Chicago - Nov. 13, 2018
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Inside Oprah's Auction

"Want to own a few of Oprah's favorite things? Next month, Winfrey will auction off furniture, antiques, and fine art from her 23,000-square-foot Montecito mansion - which is currently undergoing a major interior redesign - and her homes in Chicago, Maui and Indiana," Entertainment Weekly reports.

Among the items, the Beachwood has learned:

* Jewel-encrusted scale.

* Signed Obama "Hope" poster.

* Unused CTA "Chicago Card."

* Stedman Graham's spine.

* 50 cases of Haagen- Dazs.

* Gayle King's soul.

* Coupons for surgeries by John of God.

* Kitchen chairs with gifts under them.

* Teleprompter used for dinner parties.

* Mirrors in every size imaginable.

* Framed copy of first check for a bazillion dollars.

* Signed copy of personalized Monopoly game in which every street is named Oprah Avenue.

* Servant quarters, lock, stock and barrel.

* Three tons of fear from her staff stored in the basement.

* Original draft of her infamous confidentiality statements.

* One Faberge egg containing a live chicken.

* Jumbotron with only one channel on it.


Comments welcome.


Posted on October 21, 2013

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