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How To Nail A Dictator And Other Highlights Of The Upcoming Annual Meeting Of The American Anthropological Association

In just a few short days, more than 6,000 anthropologists will descend upon the city of Chicago to unleash their expertise on a myriad of topics. Want to know how to go from geek to chic? Just how will society be able to adapt to climate change? How can we make our educational system better? Wondering what professors actual do in their retirement? Interested in how one can nail a dictator?

Come find out at the 112th AAA Annual Meeting!


Historically the AAA Annual Meeting has approximately 800 scholarly sessions, 200 special events, and 60 exhibitors; it's the largest global anthropological event of the year.

The 112th AAA Annual meeting will be held at the Chicago Hilton November 20-24. The 2013 annual meeting theme is Future Publics, Current Engagements.

"Hot button" topics include education, immigration reform, health care, climate change, armed conflict, and much more.

Event highlights include:

  • AAA Presidential Address by AAA President Leith Mullings, entitled "Anthropology Matters"
  • Beyond PTSD: The US Military and the Sequelae of War
  • Narrating the Nuclear: Anthropologists and Others Engage with the Atomic Era
  • Food, Fuel & Fur.
  • Beyond the Arab Spring: Anthropologizing Islamic Futures
  • Race and Racism in Comparative Perspective
  • Gentrification and Race: Elements of the Elephant in the Room
  • Public Policy Issue of U.S. Immigration Detention and Deportation
  • How to Nail a Dictator: The Role of Anthropologists and Human Rights Activists in the Rios Montt Genocide Trial in Guatemala
  • Natural Resource Extraction: Focus on Fracking
  • Evolving Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Farmers Markets: Developing Indices for Measuring Sustainability
  • Quick Fixes for a Globalized Future: Fast Foods, Capitalism and Dietary Change in Urban Spaces
  • Nuclear Science, Reproductive Technologies, and the Making of Future Families: Genetics, Race, Kinship and Nation
  • Contested Birthings: Institutional and Community Politics of Reproduction in the United States
  • Globalization of Retirement: Seniors, Migration, and Mobility Practices in East Asia and Beyond
  • Caregiving and Communities: Challenging and Transforming Health Care
  • Revisiting the Chicago School: Engagements with Race, Class, and Gender through Contemporary Ethnography
  • The Legacy of the Chicago School: Doing Fieldwork in Occupational Settings
  • Black Women's Intellectual and Political Work Chicago Style: Conversations with Cathy Cohen and Barbara Ransby

And much more!

Full schedules:

* Tuesday
* Wednesday
* Thursday
* Friday
* Saturday
* Sunday


NEW IN 2013!

* Installations: Anthropological knowledge off the beaten path of the written conference paper.

Like work shared in art venues, presentations selected as part of the AAA Installations program will draw on movement, sight, sound, smell, and taste to dwell on the haptic and engage AAA members and meeting attendees in a diverse world of the senses.

Check them out here!

*Green Registration:- AAA is offering a Green Registration type in all registration categories. By registering at the Green Registration type you'll lessen AAA's impact on the environment by NOT receiving a printed copy of the program in Chicago. Instead, you'll be able to take advantage of the program downloaded in e-reader format as well as the online program scheduler. The most up-to-date program information is always located online. Green Registration rates are moderately reduced from the regular registration rates.

Reminder: Green Registrations will not receive a printed copy of the Annual Meeting Program in Chicago.


Founded in 1902, the American Anthropological Association is the world's largest professional organization of anthropologists and others interested in anthropology, with an average annual membership of more than 12,500. The Arlington, VA-based association represents all specialties within anthropology - cultural anthropology, biological (or physical) anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and applied anthropology.


Bonus Video: What Is Anthropology?


Comments welcome..


Posted on November 14, 2013

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