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Great Pyramids Mystery Solved Again

The following press release about the development and movement of the great pyramids may be of interest to your audience. Any editorial comment or mention that you may give this press release would be greatly appreciated.

- - -


Dateline: June 29, 2007 . . . Houston, TX
Contact: Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden
Phone: (850) 685-2353
Web Address:

HOUSTON, TX - June 29, 2007 - Texas "Mega-mover" (Heavy lift consultant) provides an explanation for construction, rock movements, and development of the Great Pyramid from top to bottom with all questions answered. Common myths, legends, and lore concerning Khufu/Cheops Pyramid of Egypt are debunked by simple, straight forward look at the real evidence at hand. By addressing the project as if it can be done with assets and resources on the site, while applying a little conventional wisdom, a research team solves several mysteries.

Often when a person looks at an "impossible" task with a mystic perspective, they are sure to remain stumped for generations. Since no one has known either "How or Why" the pyramids were built prior to now, maybe we have missed a trick in the study of the ancients? All too often our theories are built on assumptions and shifting sands of the desert, rather than a well grounded foundation. Builders, engineers, and the mechanically inclined will be thrilled with reasonable resolution to pyramid construction.

In a no-cost eBook series (currently in three volumes) a Texas "Heavy Lift" consultant proceeds step-by-step through the mechanical workings, technology and evidence found on site today at the Great Pyramid site in Giza/Gizeh, Egypt. The author provides not only clear evidence at hand concerning the build-up, Whidden provides an analytical approach to the forensics remaining on the site today to show the demise and destruction process of time. Rock solid proofs are left for us by the builders. The results are amazing, with all the mechanical and analytical information and tools to prove how and why the structure was placed on the site. The book is released at the website under the name, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved. It is being made available at no cost so that educational institutions and "thinking" people can freely access the truth.

The author of the book, Captain Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden, addresses and debunks legend, lore, myth, and theory, by assessing the foundational issues of past claims. By finding and addressing the holes in the theories of the past, the reader is left with the truth of the past, present, and future. Whidden's analysis is so precise that he foretells what explorers will find, where they will find it, and how. By destroying myth of the past we find the truth for today. Even the most recent "spiral ramp theory" from French architect Houdin/Houdini is addressed for its merits or lack of merit. Knowing the truth will indeed set you free.

While studying ancient texts for archaeological purposes in ancient Egypt, the research team found stumbling blocks steeped in traditions. The collaboration of dozens of scientists in this project we find that ancient studies of history, science and religion are somewhat muddled by assumptions. Actual research in the desert actually reveals more to us than one could ever imagine.

Environmental shifts on/near the site play a powerful role in understanding "warming" trends believed to exist in our environment today (Global warming?). Within upcoming volumes Whidden will reveal some incredible 3-D models at no cost to demonstrate with electronic modeling how the changes affected technology and shifts in science of the time.

About the Author:

The discovery is being unearthed online at no charge in an electronic book (PDF file), available at The author, an oil and gas consultant on "Mega-moves" with a marine environment background, took part in this study while on assignment in Egypt conducting projects for marine consulting issues in the offshore oil industry. His exploration and mobilization experience in the offshore oil fields gave him a unique perspective on resources not presently seen on the Giza Plateau site, but in abundance when one understands three simple things: Limestone, Sand, and Water. Equipped with a transportation degree (USMMA, Kings Point 1985), a risk management (loss investigation) background, an MBA (From the University of Houston) to cover the economic issues, and while working on a Doctorate in the study of Ancient Texts, and with support from friends at the author/teacher Captain Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden reveals how the environment and building techniques shifted during a drought period of biblical proportions.


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Posted on July 3, 2007

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