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Gore: Santa Must Relocate!


While In Germany Last Week, Former V.P. Says North Polar Ice Cap Will Be Gone Soon

An "allegory" is a visual symbol representing an abstract idea. It's also a word that may sufficiently explain Al Gore's argument that Santa will have to think about relocating.

Rob Roselli is an average American citizen with a civil engineering background that was utilized to unmask the fake science of the scam radical environmental movement and the real intentions of the environmental movement; a group our illustrious new leader embraces. Today, he has reached a point of such concern for his country that it has assumed "top priority" status.

Roselli is convinced that the entire climate change movement is a scam with a much bigger agenda. "People need to open their eyes," he says, "Never has their been better time for the old Wizard of Oz movie line, 'pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.' Besides, all the evidence is showing that the earth has actually been cooling for quite some time now. Mr. Gore better start thinking about getting himself a flamethrower if he wants to bolster his argument."


Roselli cites a recent article by the AP as evidence. "The fact that we are in a stage of global cooling can't even be denied," he says, "Yet somehow the argument has now devolved into something so incomprehensible they're left with saying the earth is warming because it is cooling. What is that?"

Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee and in 1997 a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ. A licensed professional engineer in three states, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut currently working in southern New York state and residing with my wife in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Raised Roman Catholic and practiced on and off with regularity until college. Introduction into Biblical Christianity dates back to the early nineties but never took the "conspiratorial view" of history seriously enough until the last few years as events are seemingly leading us to the Lord's return to "Mother Earth", a descent "To the Mouth of Madness", or both. Self taught and, quite often, many of his sources came about as a result of the bibliographies and footnotes of earlier sources. The sources of Rob's acquired knowledge run the gamut from many famous "conspiracy theorists" to the most ardent "New" Agers to the Dalai Lama himself to "Ascended Masters" Djwhal Khul and The Count of Saint Germain. "The THEorYofLIVEvolution" is my first book.

THEorY of LIVEvolution . . .

There is a drive for a "New World Order" afoot and it's not an accident. The modern day descendants of the Moneychangers and allied fake religious leaders or Pharisees of Jesus' day are tying up some loose ends (2008). The introduction lays the groundwork for the rest of the book. Section 1 (posted on my website for length purposes) establishes the unique reality of Biblical Christianity. This is very important since a firm belief in a benevolent Creator is the only thing that stands between us and "Them" at this point. Section 2 points out the world is about to be plunged into a "New World Order" of Biblical proportions. If you think this scenario is outlandish, the "free" U.S., non-coincidentally, meets every one of the criteria for atheistic Communism listed in Marx's "Communist Manifesto". As Section 3 discusses, what "They" have planned for you on "Mother Earth" (if you're worthy of "evolution" at least) is the Nazis on steroids.

My name is Robert Roselli and I am a licensed professional engineer in three states and hold an MS degree in civil engineering. I say this only to establish myself as a logically and scientifically grounded thinker. I desire no fame or profit for this endeavor. Any monies collected from this book beyond personal expenses will be donated equitably to links that appear at the end of my website site. Let this book be the introduction into the way the world really works and "de-tox" much of the Orwellian re-education we've all been fed by the establishment owned education system and mainstream snews. After you're done reading this introduction to the way the world really works please spend some time on my website and related links to keep abreast of our steadily unraveling descent "Into the Mouth of Madness."


Posted on December 15, 2008

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