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Golf Industry Tees Off Into Two-Way Radio

The following press release announcing the advancement of 49er Communications in the Private & Public Golf Course, Country Club & Resort industry, may be of interest to your audience. Any editorial comment or mention that you may give this press release would be greatly appreciated.

- - -


Dateline: Grass Valley, CA
Name: Cristy Alexander
Web Address:

GRASS VALLEY, CA - 49er Communications supplies Private & Public Golf Courses, Country Clubs & Resorts with the tools to effectively communicate during daily operations, special events and emergency situations.

As outdoor temperatures begin to drop, and summer turns into fall, the Golf Industry begins the behind-the-scenes work to ensure a fun, convenient and safe experience for everyone involved in the coming season.

A key component to coordinating an enjoyable experience and ensuring the safety of all visitors and participants is the use of two-way radios, call boxes, and Wireless PA systems. A recent report by ICOM America concludes that the Recreation Industry, including golf courses, depends heavily on two-way communications for all aspects of their operation.

Golf club superintendents have found that the use of call boxes not only increases food and beverage sales, yet have resulted in expedited calls for maintenance and faster "turns."

General Manager of Blue Lakes Country Club in Twin Falls, Michael Collins, has just installed a 49er Call Box. He states that his members "love the convenience and increased level of service," and he is enjoying "the increased revenue and enhanced efficiency for our staff." Previously, club members had to go to the clubhouse to place their orders and then wait for their food to be prepared, which disrupted their pace of play. Now their food is waiting for them!

The 9th tee is the most common location for food and beverage ordering; however, for added safety and convenience, call boxes can be placed at every 3rd tee. Even your most remote areas can be covered - potentially where an emergency situation could be taken care of before it turns into a disaster. Moreover, you can forget about issues of weather, vandalism, or costly trenching. Housed in rugged weatherproof enclosures, these tamper-resistant, self-sufficient outposts are easy to install and wireless. Design features such as customized voice messages, handsets, and the option of solar-powered arrays make this simple device a profitable enhancement to the golfing experience.

According to golf pros across the country, the needs of an active golf course depend on seamless, consistent and timely communication. Announcing tee times, clearing the course and resuming play, and broadcasting storm warnings and other emergency situations can all be done easily from a portable handheld or base station to a wireless PA system.

Special events flow effortlessly with 49er LoudMouth Wireless PA System, and the best part is that the installation is portable with no costly trenching. They can be installed virtually anywhere in a temporary location and then moved to a new location for a different event or purpose. Programming is just as convenient, either by PC or right in the field.

49er Call Boxes and Wireless PA systems work with most UHF and VHF radio frequencies, so the need to replace a current system is not necessary; however, adding a two-way radio system is easy and economical. 49er Communications is a nationwide two-way radio supplier to golf courses, offering 4 and 5 watt business and industry quality two-way radios, starting as low as $195 each. All radios include upgraded accessories like rapid rate chargers, batteries with no memory effect, belt clips and antennas. With the roll out of 49ers' new SWAP program the down time for repairs is almost non-existent. If a radio under warranty purchased from 49er Communications malfunctions in anyway and needs factory service, the end-user simply fills out a repair form and faxes it over; 49er sends UPS to pick up the radio and "swaps" it out for another one right off the shelf!

Wireless irrigation systems also benefit from two-way radio control. DTMF tones, like in the 99-channel radio offered by 49er Communications, transmit complex schedules and changes at your fingertips.

The biggest advantage about using two-way radio communication over cellular phones is reliability when cell phones are likely to be down, two-radios are up and running. In addition to reliability, two-way radios boast an excellent audio quality, no monthly fees, and true ownership. These are yet a few more of the good reasons why resorts, country clubs, and golf courses like yours rely on this tried and true mode of communication.

Meet 49er Communications at the Golf Industry Show 2008 at Booth #3427 for a hands-on experience of all of the latest products in two-way radios.


49er Communications is a government-certified woman-owned small business, launched in 1997. Known for superior customer service, leading-edge products and extensive knowledge, 49er Communications is uniquely positioned to give the golf industry the quality experience they deserve.


Posted on November 19, 2007

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