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Farmers' Friend: Solar Water Pumping

The following press release announcing the affordable solutions solar water pumping offers farmers may be of interest to your audience. Any editorial comment or mention that you may give this press release would be greatly appreciated.


RICHMOND, MO - With the tremendous rise in fuel costs over the past few years and the push for better energy efficiency around the globe, solar water pumps are becoming increasingly popular. A company called Call for Solar (CFS, Inc.) is making it easier than ever for farmers or anyone needing a remote water source to embrace this remarkable technology.

Call for Solar has been active since 1994 in communications and electronics. The company's Web site,, enables anyone to easily choose pumps and solar panels based on the amount of water needed and the type of water supply available.

Call for Solar has not necessarily introduced anything new to citizens in the United States, but is merely helping farmers to recognize the solar application that is appropriate to their needs. People have experimented with and have used solar power for decades. The company's goal is to provide an affordable solution for those wanting to benefit from solar power - those who just aren't sure how to take advantage of it.

The company's founder, Jeffrey McFadden, can definitely relate to the real life issues of farming. He states, "We live on a small farm in rural Missouri with our few cows, some horses and donkeys, some ducks and chickens. Many of our friends farm on a much larger scale than we do. We see the issues of riparian (streamside) land conservation, of pond destruction and pollution, and we also understand why farmers are grazing those creeks, streams and ponds."

So, what makes solar water pumping unique? Solar water pumps provide an excellent solution for farmers or anyone who needs to move water to a location where no on-grid power is available at the water source. The pumps operate on solar power and can pump water from ponds, creeks, shallow wells, or deep wells. Solar water pumps can deliver water over 900 feet higher than the source, and can push water through hundreds or even thousands of yards (meters) of pipe from source to user. With diesel fuel prices so high these days, solar water pumping provides a very attractive alternative to diesel fuel pumps.

Solar pumping offers a three-fold benefit. Farmers benefit because they're able to pump water for their cattle or use the pumps in drip-irrigation systems without the high costs of extending the power grid to reach their ranch or farming areas. Farmers are also able to fence their stock out of the water and conserve riparian zones while still providing water for their stock. Solar water pumps help the environment by using solar panels for power instead of other forms of energy.

Many solar pump users enjoy the fact that there is very little (if any) maintenance, and solar panels can last for many, many years without replacement. And farmers aren't the only ones who can benefit. Solar pumps can also be used to provide water for remote home sites, cabins, or hunting lodges.

"Solar water pumping often has higher initial costs than diesel or gasoline-powered pumps in the same application, but over time the solar system will more than pay for itself," states McFadden.


Posted on August 25, 2008

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