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Enchantment Way

The following press release announcing the new "green" community, The Enchanted Way, may be of interest to your audience. Any editorial comment or mention that you may give this press release would be greatly appreciated.

- - -

LAS VEGAS, NV - June 10, 2008 - The Enchantment Way Development will be a unique and fascinating gated community of luxury homes. The plan outlined reflects the creation of eight luxury homes on five (5) acres in the highly sought and quickly developing Southwest valley of Las Vegas, each designed with the most forward-thinking and innovative "green" building techniques of today and tomorrow. With views of the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock, Southern Highlands, and the entire east valley; these estate homes, each on 1/2 acre, will fill a void not filled by any other development in the Las Vegas valley. The Enchantment Way will be the most unique offering in the history of the Las Vegas valley, available as a ground-breaking fractional ownership development.

The homes within this one-of-a-kind development will be innovative, in that each home will be LEED Certified. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, established by the U.S. Green Building Council, is the hallmark of design and construction in commercial and public buildings. USGBC has launched a pilot program to bring the same quality rating system to residential construction. The Enchantment Way Development's participation in the pilot program, and achievement of the LEED (Gold or Platinum) certification for the entire development, will signify our position in the forefront of environmentally sensitive and energy efficient design and technology.

The Enchantment Way - This Project Will Give Rise to A Las Vegas Vacation Experience of an Enchanted Kind being created from this project in a wonderful setting, that will serve those growing numbers who desire a discreet, relaxed, multi-faceted vacation experience in an eco-friendly, green built, nature rich environment. Residents will find The Enchantment Way the vacation experience of a lifetime as a second home, a respite from their busy lives as a vacation haven, and the perfect setting for a corporate retreat, which gives them access to the multitude of attractions in Las Vegas, and the sanctuary of a home environment. Owners will have the opportunity to take possession of the homes under a fractional ownership plan, which publications such as The Robb Report promote as the current strong trend that continues to grow rapidly. The Enchantment Way will also provide complete concierge services, and a turn-key investment for our co-owners.

The Fractional Ownership Plan will offer each of seven (7) homes in one-twelfth (1/12) shares, with each co-owner receiving use of the home for four (4) weeks per year. If the co-owner chooses not to use the home for any of those weeks, management will rent the home as a vacation home on the co-owner's behalf and the co-owner will receive seventy percent (70%) of the rental revenue, after accounting for administrative expenses. Concierge services will be provided for each co-owner by a premier worldwide concierge service from the time the purchase agreement is executed. Further details on pricing and monthly fees available under separate cover.

Las Vegas consistently enjoys its position as the top destination for vacation and convention visitors alike. The city attracted 39,000,000 visitors in 2007. Occupancy levels for Las Vegas hotels reached over 93% in 2007, and 63% of our visitors had vacation or pleasure as their primary reason for visiting. Large vacation homes are strongly sought after here, but are typically single homes located in residential developments, and therefore do not lend themselves to being vacation retreat environments. The Enchantment Way provides an exclusive community of large and luxurious homes, just 12 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and 14 minutes from the Airport. This development also opens the world of nature and other area attractions to the Las Vegas visitor, including: Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Valley of Fire, Lake Mead Recreational Area, Hoover Dam, and many other attractions. The development sits within one of the valley's two rural nature preserves, and therefore, provides easy access to horseback riding, exploring the desert, or just a walk through the nature-rich area surrounding the community.

Each home will be built using the "Green building and green living" techniques of the future, techniques that are cost-effective and respectful of the world in which we reside. "Green Living" Consultant, Steve Rypka, Founder of the Clark County chapter of the United States Green Building Council, counseled us on all aspects of the project to ensure it fully leverages available techniques. Renowned and award-winning architectural firm Tate Snyder Kimsey has designed the homes; this leading architectural firm has eleven LEED certified architects. Lead Architect, Mike Purtill, TSK Partner J. Windom Kimsey, Design Architect, Vince Novak, and two associate architects from the firm collaborated on all aspects of the project. Mike Purtill will provide construction administration leadership, along with our General Contractor, to ensure the cost-effective use of every green building technique and advantage available. Among other advantages, we have access to and will utilize certain tax exemptions, tax abatements and rebates. The Enchantment Way Development will be the largest residential green built project in the history of Las Vegas, and on the West Coast. This development will attract the attention of the media, government officials, corporate leaders and consumers alike. The lender underwriting the project will share in the accolades that are sure to accompany a project of this magnitude and impact.

The Enchantment Way also includes a Desert Tortoise Habitat, enhancing the lives of this federally protected species. We are preserving the desert growth currently found on the property, including cactus and yuccas, for re-planting after the homes are completed.

Green building and green living has reached the "critical mass" of attention necessary to swell demand for this unique community. Recent articles in Vanity Fair, Newsweek, and Time, as well as numerous other media features on ABC, PBS, CBS, CNN and NBC, have highlighted the attention now being paid by our political leaders, prominent actors and actresses, and worldwide corporate leaders to the environmental sensitivity we must all embrace. For example, Hearst Corporation's new headquarters in New York will use the latest in solar energy and other green building techniques, as will Bank of America's and Texas Instruments' headquarters. The green building efforts of many cities, including Chicago, Atlanta, Austin and others are being hailed in programs such as e-Design on PBS, which featured the Chicago City Hall for its green roof, as well as the city's effort to reach LEED certified status with all public buildings. The Enchantment Way Development proudly rides the "cutting edge" of demonstrating cost-effective and efficient green building in residential environments.


Posted on July 17, 2008

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