Chicago - Jul. 12, 2022
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Chicago's Hijab Campaign

GainPeace, an Islamic group based in Chicago, has launched a six-week billboard campaign designed to portray the Hijab as a symbol of empowerment and to clear negative stereotypes about women in Islam.

The campaign's purpose is to provide an opportunity for Americans to look at the hijab, the modest clothing of Muslim women, not as a sign of subjugation or oppression but as a symbol of empowerment, strength and freedom.


The billboards connect the modest clothing and Hijab with Mary, the mother of Jesus, who also wore similar clothing and is taken as a symbol of chastity, modesty and strength by the world's 2.2 billion Christians and 1.7 billion Muslims.

The billboards also include a phone number to the GainPeace organization: 800-662-ISLAM. A caller to GainPeace's outreach phone line can ask any question about Hijab, Muslim women, and request a free copy of the Quran and brochures on Hijab and women.

The group also desires people of other faiths to learn the peaceful teachings of Islam, contrary to what's portrayed by some media outlets. The group has also hosted in many Mosques exhibits portraying women in Islam, women in sports, women in politics and women in America.

"Hijab is in the news with some positive, but mostly negative stereotypes about Hijab and Muslim women," said Dr Sabeel Ahmed, executive director of the GainPeace Project. "The Hijab campaign desires to educate that the Hijab stands as a symbol of strength and not as an attire of subjugation. Previous educational campaigns of GainPeace have generated numerous calls of support and building of alliances with interfaith groups, minority groups, and neighbors."

Billboard locations:

-> Highway 294, 2 miles north of Highway 88

-> Highway 55 and LaGrange Road.

Press Conference:

-> Monday, Feb. 19, 10.30 a.m., 1S270 Summit Avenue, Oakbrook Terrace

GainPeace can arrange for its staff to be available for interviews on the premises or in the studios of TV channels and radio stations. Images of the billboard and the video footage will be provided to all media personnel attending the press conference.


-> ACLU: Discrimination Against Muslim Women Fact Sheet.

-> The Economist: In British Schools, The Wearing Of The Hijab By Young Girls Is An Explosive Issue.

-> Orlando Sentinel: UCF Muslim Group's 'Try A Hijab On' Booth Ignites Twitter Fight.

-> Buffalo News: On Wearing A Hijab For A Day: 'People Look At You Differently.'


See also: Hoda Katebi: "Know that the hijab - for me at least - represents a rejection of materialism, of capitalism, of euro-centric beauty standards (among other significance)."


Comments welcome.


Posted on February 16, 2018

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