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Chicago-opoly: The Game Board That Works

Now this is a game board.


Chicago-opoly: The City That Cheats.

The properties and politics of an All-American game, from an All-American city.

All values subject to change due to gentrification and/or political expediency.

City Hall
Soldier Field $600
Campaign Chest
Block 37 $600
Income Tax $750
Green Line  
Millennium Park parking $800
Robert Taylor Home $1,000
Cabrini’s Last Green $1,500
Oxford Pen Just Visiting
Peotone International Airport $2,000
ComEd Lobbying $2,500
The Field Formerly Known As Meigs Airport $2,500
The Department Store Formerly Known As Field's $2,600
Orange Line  
Maxwell Street Market v2.0 $3,000
Campaign Chest
Pilgrim Baptist Church v2.0 $3,500
Comiskey Park v2.0 $4,000
Impound Lot
Wrigley Field Rooftop Seating (Obstructed Views) $4,500
Tribune Tower (Obstructed News) $5,200
State of Illinois Building $ name your price
Brown Line  
Cook County Democratic Central Committee $7,500 unless nobody sent you; then not available
Gary-Chicago Airport $8,000
Water Department Heroin $10,000
Midway Airport Concessions $20,000
Indicted! Wear a wire or go to Jail.
McCormick Place Riggers Union $30,000
Cows on Parade $45,000
Campaign Chest  
Viagra Triangle/Rush Street $50,000
Blue Line  
Navy Pier concessions $75,000
Corruption Tax - $100,000
O'Hare concessions $100,000

Previous versions of the game included a Potbelly's in every third space; a recalled 2006 version featured Fred Hampton Way.


Posted on August 20, 2006

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