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Chasing Skinny Rabbits

Tax Time is upon us once again. Millions of Americans are hustling and bustling to make the dreaded deadline of April 15.

But is the work that we do and the frenzied pace we live our lives worth the mental, emotional and spiritual exhaustion?

Conducting Talk Show interviews addressing this question is best-selling author Dr. John Trent, who says, "No!"

During your interview with Dr. Trent who gives nuggets of wisdom from his newest, Chasing Skinny Rabbits: What Leads You Into Emotional and Spiritual Exhaustion . . . And What Can Lead You Out (Thomas Nelson Publishing, January 1, 2008).

tax.jpgAccording to Dr. Trent, Americans are just plain exhausted - more so at tax time but also on most of the other 364 days of the year - tired from the endless chase of perfection, reward, busyness, success, and a never-ending list of other daily distractions.

But there is hope! There is no longer the need to deplete all your energy chasing skinny rabbits. Nationally renowned motivational speaker Dr. John Trent encourages your audience how to avoid the common pitfalls of exhaustion.

Said Trent, "People don't realize it, but thousands are chasing after 'Skinny Rabbits' - things in our lives that move us towards emotional and spiritual exhaustion and away from the purpose and life we really want."

Chasing Skinny Rabbits is a comprehensive look at what causes extreme fatigue in so many of us and offers simple solutions that promote awareness of the "skinny rabbits" in daily life. The book provides periodic checklist and self-tests to assist readers in evaluating their own life for evidence of skinny rabbits. Playful animated rabbits provide a bit of humor throughout while enticing readers to discover more about the source of weariness.

In an effort to determine potential skinny rabbits, straightforward chapters caution "Beware of the Skinny Rabbit", teach "The Most Common Skinny Rabbit Trails", and discuss "Bogs, Pits, Swamps, and Caves". There is also a chapter devoted to those in danger of becoming a "Skinny Rabbit Bride".

To accompany the release of the book, Dr. Trent has also developed an interactive explanation of the skinny rabbit online at: where viewers can explore the definition and anatomy of a skinny rabbit and if you think someone you know is headed down a skinny rabbit trail, an electronic skinny rabbit alert in their inbox might be just the thing to curve their path.

For anyone overworked, tired, depressed, or just plain exhausted from a life filled with chasing skinny rabbits, heeding the advice from Dr. John Trent is just the prescription you need to get off the rabbit trail and back towards a life full of expectation and aspiration.

John Trent, PhD, is president of and The Center for Strong Families, a training center in Scottsdale, Arizona, where lay leaders, counselors, and pastors are trained to become StrongFamily Coaches in their churches and corporate settings.

Dr. Trent is a much sought-after speaker on the topics of building strong relationships and strong workplace teams. He has authored and co-authored more than a dozen award-winning and best-selling books for adults and children. His books include The Blessing, The 2-Degree Difference, and The Treasure Tree. John has been a featured guest on numerous radio and television programs across the country. He and his wife have been married for more than twenty-eight years and have two daughters.


Posted on April 14, 2008

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