Chicago - Oct. 27, 2020
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At The Ukrainian National Museum | Celebrating Women Of Courage

In celebration of National Women's History Month in March, the Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago welcomes Celebrating Women of Courage, a traveling exhibition curated by local Vietnam Veteran/Artist Jerry Kykisz (U.S. Army).

The exhibition features photography, paintings, mixed media, poetry and short films of and by more than 15 courageous artists from across the country who have overcome extreme difficulties in their lives.

Many of the artists in this group exhibition are U.S. Veterans, Native Americans, and cancer survivors.

Artists include Andrea Harris, Charise Isis, Lindsay Delaronde, Kathleen Flynn, Katsitsionni Fox, Kathryn Hopkins, Mandy John-Collins, Awenheeyoh Powless, Nancy Scott, and Annamae Taubeneck, to list just a few.

Kykisz is one of the founding members of the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum and a renowned photographer. In Kykisz's experiences at the NVVAM, he often came across female veterans who had important and inspirational experiences. He has kept in touch with many of these women and shares their stories in this visual art exhibition.

"All of my life I have known courageous women," Kykisz says, "but until recently did not realize how many there were, nor did I fully comprehend the extent of their bravery. The circumstances in today's media world have exposed me to the scope of the matter. Young girls seeking an education face death from terrorists. Mothers seeking safety for their children endure treacherous journeys. Women warriors risk life and limb in combat for our country. In the quest for equality and justice, women have shown the world courage they cannot be denied and must be celebrated."

The Ukrainian National Museum is located at 2249 W. Superior St. The exhibition will be on display from March 10 to March 31. Viewing Hours are Thursdays through Sundays, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission to the museum is $5 (children under 12 are free).


Sneak Peek

Kathleen Flynn, Self-Portrait, Mixed Media on Canvas.

Kathryn Hopkins - Self Portait - Mixed Media on Canvas.jpg


The Grace Project, by Charise Isis.

The Grace Project - Photo by Isis Charise.jpg


Mandy John-Collins, Women of USMC Platoon #4034.

Mandy John Collins - Photograph of Women of the USMC Platoon #4034 - sm jpeg.jpg


Annamae Taubeneck, Self-Portrait, Mixed Media on Canvas.

Annamae Taubeneck - Self Portait - Mixed Media on Canvas.jpg


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Posted on February 20, 2017

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