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At The Adler | Reel Science

Have you ever wondered what warp drive might be like? Or why spacecraft in movies are always right side up? The Adler Planetarium is offering an exciting new series this winter that may be able to answer these very questions and those that you didn't even think to ask! The REEL Science Film Series will combine cinematic favorites with science conversations about the film - providing a unique opportunity to discuss the facts vs. the creative liberties taken in Hollywood.

Designed to appeal to moviegoers, science enthusiasts and families alike, this three-series offering will take place one evening in January, February and March. Purchase your tickets now for exclusive after-hours museum access, pre-show trivia, a post-show discussion and Q&A with a panel of Adler astronomers, and an opportunity to nerd-out in your favorite movie-themed costume or character of choice. Prizes will be awarded!



January 14: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

Astronomers: Dr. Shane Larson, Dr. Grace Wolf-Chase, and Michelle Nichols.

Topics: Warp Drive, Creating and Destroying Planets.

Purchase Tickets.


February 11: Galaxy Quest

Astronomers: Dr. Alissa Bans and Mark SubbaRao.

Topics: Future Tech, Interstellar Wars.

Purchase tickets.


March 10: Back to the Future

Astronomers: Dr. Shane Larson, Dr. Grace Wolf-Chase, and Michelle Nichols.

Topic: Time Travel.

Purchase Tickets.


Beachwood Bonus Video: Meet The Instructors!

Shane Larson: Pluto's Day of Reckoning.


Grace Wolf-Chase: The Infrared Mysteries of Star Birth.


Michelle Nichols: The Sun.


Alissa Bans: #AstroHangout.


Mark SubbaRao: A Cosmic Perspective.


Comments welcome.


Posted on January 11, 2016

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