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At The Adler | Mardi Gras On Mars

Mardi Gras is a huge celebration marked with festive street parties, masked balls, and lots of colorful beads. But why should the party begin and end on this planet? It's about time we take the festivities further into our Solar System and celebrate Mars.

On February 6th, we're saying goodbye to Earth and heading to Mars for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Guests will be transported to the Red Planet, masquerade as the first Martians, and experience first-hand what it would be like to live, work, and play on Mars. Join us on this once in a lifetime Mars-di Gras mission and let the good times rove!

Planned Martian Festivities:

Exploring Mars With Emily Lakdawalla
Was Mars ever warm and wet? Or always cold and dry? Was there Martian life? Many orbiters, landers, and rovers have been sent to Mars to attempt to answer these questions. Thanks to a recent renaissance in Mars exploration, we now have a new picture of Mars as a complex world with a rich history. The Planetary Society's Emily Lakdawalla will discuss Mars and explain the science of the Red Planet with stunning photos.

Welcome To Mars
For one day only, we're turning an exhibit into Mars! Discover new planting techniques with Plant Chicago as they showcase three out-of-this-world demos. Demos include aquaponics (goldfish and edible plants), mushroom log (mushrooms growing on organic matter such as sawdust or straw), and algae bio-reactor (algae growing from waste, food for fish). Then leave the safety of the Martian lab behind and venture out onto the surface as an astro-geologist and uncover unique samples from our Mars-Dig-Rocks! dig site.

Robotics Zoom-In
Mars-di Gras enthusiasts will have the opportunity to command a robot through a variety of challenges and learn more about the rovers that have traveled on Mars.

Mapping Mars
How will we find our way on Mars when we get there? Learn how astronomers and planetary scientists have been mapping Mars over the last 150 years, and make your own Mars globes!

Masquerade On Mars
Design and decorate you very own Martian spacesuit helmet. When you're living on Mars, you'll need a helmet that not only works well and feels good, but looks good too!

Humans Of Mars Photo-Op
The Humans of Mars photo booth gives Earth dwellers a chance to capture a memento from their travels on Mars. Deck yourself out in helmets, masks and the finest jewels the Red Planet has to offer. Post your photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #AdlerMarsDiGras or #HumansOfMars for a stellar memento of an out-of-this-world celebration!

Lowdown Brass Band
Mars-di Gras wouldn't be complete without a roaming jazz band! Hailing from Chicago, the Lowdown Brass Band (LDB) is a horn-driven tour-de-force. Featuring dynamic vocals, hip-hop MCs, and body movement, LDB will have everyone up on their feet!

Mars Drop
NASA has researched the possibilities of launching a glider on Mars through the Mars X Plane project. Take up the challenge yourself and launch your personally designed glider from a high altitude balloon floating above you! Will yours fly the farthest?


This event is FREE with General Admission.

More information here.


Mars 101.


Comments welcome.


Posted on January 19, 2016

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