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Angry Gamers Besiege Mutual Fund!


Mutual Fund Company Claiming Video Games Are Too Violent Besieged By Hateful Emails And Calls From Gamers

A mutual fund company named The Timothy Plan has found itself the target of angry gamers after doing extensive research on the level of violence found in video games expected to be in high demand this Christmas. Since releasing a matrix that ranks each game based on violent and sexual content, the group has received countless hateful e-mails and phone calls.

angrygamer2.jpgTimothy Plan president Art Ally sees it as vindication of his company's work.

"What we've been saying," Ally says, "is that games with this level of violence and sex depiction definitely have a negative effect on people and based on the e-mails we're getting, our research appears to have been validated."

Ally's group sent out a press release on their findings earlier this week and has been deluged with angry gamers ever since. In fact, says Stephen Ally, requests for more information from the group's website have even shut down the web server at the time of this writing.

"The amount of requests for the information (the research report) we are offering has far exceeded the allowed bandwidth from our web hosting company causing the server to overload. The Timothy Plan in the process of expanding availability of the document," he said.



Video Games as Gifts for Christmas hoping to share "Peace on Earth & Good Will To Men"? PARENTS BEWARE!

MAITLAND, Fl. - For shoppers buying video games on Black Friday, the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season, and beyond, it could wind up being a black day indeed.

Violent video games have become increasingly more popular as graphics and improvements in technology have improved over the years. Studies have shown that aggressive attitudes and even actions can be increased after playing violent games for as little as 20 minutes. Yet, video games have emerged as one of the most popular forms of entertainment for children, with over 70% living in a home with at least one video game player and 33% of children have one in their bedroom.

Art Ally, president of the Timothy Plan family of mutual funds, contends that "many, if not most, parents who buy their kids video games really don't know the extent of sex and violence embedded in them. From drug use, prostitution, murder and mayhem to vulgar profanity and blasphemy these games have become a powerfully negative influence on our kids."

Ally is offering concerned parents a complimentary report detailing the myriad of shocking gaming choices now available in the marketplace. At Timothy Plan's web site, you can download and print a report detailing what Ally describes as "some of the most violent and offensive video games ever to be available in my lifetime".

"I believe, if parents would take a moment to look at the report we've created, their game selections would be quite different", he continues.

The Timothy Plan family of funds conducts proprietary research on publicly traded companies based on their moral integrity. They then apply that information to maintain a "Do Not Buy List" for their family of morally responsible mutual funds. They do not invest in companies that are involved in abortion, pornography, anti-family entertainment, alternative lifestyles, as well as alcohol, tobacco and gambling.

Timothy's research process for the funds' Anti-Family Entertainment screen, includes (but is not limited to) gathering information on popular video games and, with Christmas and the gift giving season approaching, they are offering this information to anyone concerned about the content of the video games they may consider buying as gifts for their children.

Arthur D. Ally, who launched the Timothy Plan in 1994, is founder and President of the company, the nation's leading Biblically based, pro-life, pro-family mutual fund group. The Timothy Plan utilizes stringent moral screening criteria designed to avoid investing shareholders' money in any company that has a pattern of contributing to the cultural pollution of society.

Ally is also general partner of Timothy Partners Ltd. (the fund's sponsor/advisor) and past president of Covenant Financial Management Inc. (CFM), a financial planning firm he founded in 1990 prior to establishing The Timothy Plan.

Ally is a former certified financial planner and former certified public accountant (CPA) with over twenty seven years experience in the investment industry.

Prior to forming CFM, Ally spent eight years with Shearson Lehman Brothers as vice president, branch manager and financial consultant and five years with Prudential Bache in the same capacity. Throughout his career in the investment industry, Ally has developed an area of expertise in money management selection through which he has helped individuals, retirement plans and non-profit organizations define their investment objectives and conduct searches for professional money managers.

That "money management selection" expertise is ingrained in Ally's personal philosophy and that of the company, i.e., the "real key to good investment performance is good investment management." It is the overriding reason why no funds are added to The Timothy Plan - the firm presently has nine different funds - until the company has identified and retained a top-tier money management firm that specializes in that fund's asset category.

A much sought-after conference speaker, Ally has presented seminars and workshops for Christian conventions throughout the United States, has taught investment, financial and estate planning classes at the University of Central Florida.

Community and professional involvement includes National Association of Christian Financial Consultants (past president), Liberty Counsel of Florida (director) and teaching Sunday school at New Life Fellowship Baptist Church of Winter Springs, Florida.

A graduate of Cleveland State University with a degree in accounting and finance, he and his wife, Bonnie, have been married since 1961 and have three children and seven grandchildren.


Posted on December 4, 2008

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