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Name That Abuser!

With recent abuses by members of the Chicago Police Department making news nationally, the Beachwood thought readers might like to put on their thinking caps and "Name that Abuser!" (Redacted for entertainment purposes only. Text from The 2006 Amnesty International Report: The State of the World's Human Rights.)

A. Limited legal and judicial reforms did little to improve human rights protection. Tens of thousands of people continued to be detained in violation of their human rights and were at risk of torture or ill treatment. Thousands of people were sentenced to death or executed. The authorities frequently resorted to the use of force against growing social unrest. There was a renewed crackdown on the media and Internet controls were tightened. The           community                               continued to face severe repression as part of the authorities' "war on terror". Freedom of expression and religion continued to be severely restricted in                     areas.           arms sales to           raised concerns that its actions were contributing to human rights violations in other countries.           continued a limited dialogue with selected members of the international community on human rights issues. However, human rights defenders at home continued to be arbitrarily detained and some were sentenced to prison terms. NAME THAT ABUSER!

B. Restrictions on freedom of expression, association and movement continued to cause great concern. Nearly 70 prisoners of conscience remained in prison. The       embargo continued to have a negative effect on the enjoyment of the full range of human rights in          . The economic situation deteriorated and the government attempted to suppress private entrepreneurship. More than 30 prisoners remained on death row; no one was executed. NAME THAT ABUSER!

C. Foreign nationals were reported to have been unlawfully expelled, arbitrarily detained and ill treated in police custody. The police allegedly used excessive force against demonstrators and journalists at a picket by striking lorry drivers. State policies failed to provide protection, support, justice or redress to victims of violence in the family. NAME THAT ABUSER!

D. Thousands of detainees continued to be held in       custody without charge or trial                                                  . There were reports of secret       detention centers in undisclosed locations where detainees were held in circumstances amounting to "disappearances". Dozens of                                           detainees went on hunger strike to protest against their harsh treatment and lack of access to the courts; some were reported to be seriously ill. Reports of deaths in custody, torture and ill treatment                                           continued to emerge. Despite evidence that the       government had sanctioned interrogation techniques constituting torture or ill treatment, and "disappearances", there was a failure to hold officials at the highest levels accountable, including individuals who may have been guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity. Several trials took place of low-ranking soldiers charged with abusing detainees; in most cases sentences were light. There were reports of police brutality and use of excessive force in the          . Sixty-one people died after being struck by police tasers, a huge rise over previous years. Sixty people were executed, taking the total to over 1,000 since executions resumed in 1977. NAME THAT ABUSER!

E. Practical implementation of reforms intended to bring                         law into line with international standards slowed in 2005. The law provided for continuing restrictions on the exercise of fundamental rights. Those expressing peaceful dissent on certain issues faced criminal prosecution and sanctions after the introduction of the new                         Penal Code. Torture and ill treatment continued to be reported, with those detained for ordinary crimes particularly at risk. Law enforcement officers continued to use excessive force in the policing of demonstrations; four demonstrators were shot dead in November. Investigations of such incidents were inadequate and law enforcement officers responsible for violations were rarely brought to justice. NAME THAT ABUSER!


A. China - A country with U.S. Most Favored Nation Status. Host of the 2008 Summer Olympics. No longer a Red Menace. Now just Dennis the Menace.

B. Cuba - The Tropical Red Menace.

C. Cyprus - Greece didn't like them, so neither do we.

D. United States - "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" Welcome to New Orleans!

E. Turkey - Acceptance into the European Union pending. If they're almost good enough for the developed nations of Europe, they're almost good enough for us.


Posted on April 24, 2007

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