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20 Tweets: Pete Wentz

20. driving under the influence of being awesome: i am the right dvd, your computer is set to the wrong region.

19. this tour is the best weve been on. not just because of the shows but cos the bands are all genuine dudes. also, ps 50 is still on the tour.

18. you could keep your future or your past, which would you pick?

17. dirty is here with his kid. got me missing bronx. cant wait to see the lil gremlin in three days.

16. hey all time low how come it says "hello tampa" on your amps when were in orlando? doh.

15. I just got hit in the arm by a 14 pound bowling ball. It felt as tho it was deserved.

14. Its kind of insane that student journalists always give the best interviews. Green is better sometimes.

13. Fenders taste better.

12. south florida air: one part oxygen one part water. mix with hair and wait for the seventies to return.

11. pompano kids- next time i come over by the fences by the bus 1st one of u to recite all of the first verse of "ice ice baby" gets m&g passes

10. good morning. please welcome @anthonyraneri to twitter. hes in a rad band called bayside.

9. there is so much truth in the world. why do we hover around lies like moths to a flame?

8. rylands family is awesome. his mom let me make smores in the fire pit. then i heard the new cobra record. it smokes everything out there.

7. hmmm what should we do on a day off? yeah go to a show! me and g.a.b.e. are going to see gym class tonight

6. oops. decaydance at the beach.if i beat @ashsimpsonwentz to 300. ill get gabe to rollerblade in a speedo across stage. least u know its real

5. ... And and ur the short dude w/black hair noone remembers not brad pitt.

4. Sleep on bus driving/wake up on bus still driving. This is fight club. Except the fights are over food/which era of metallica was better.

3. thanks kenny. "douche bags" are hygienic products so from now on im taking that as a compliment.

2. @ashsimpsonwentz wow u blew it. n1 wants to see that me included. if i win i guarantee there will be no pix of me in a speedo doing anything

1. @ashsimpsonwentz if i win i promise no mosquito nets but i will get a twitpic of ash in a bikini or better. beat that.


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Posted on April 23, 2009

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