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20 Tweets: Patti Blagojevich

Her last transmissions before the trial started.

One in a series.

1. I am so thankful for friends that are willing to spend an entire day sitting with me on a hard bench in a freezing room. 6:29 PM Jun 15th via web

2. Wondering why the mini cams still find it necessary to be outside our house. 8:43 AM Jun 15th via Twitter for BlackBerry

3. So glad we don't have to be back in court until Mon. Time to relax with the girls. 5:27 PM Jun 10th via web

4. Getting to graduation with not a moment to spare. Just relieved to get here at all. 6:24 PM Jun 8th via Twitter for BlackBerry

5. Wondering if I have time to get to macy's to get the lip gloss Amy wants for her graduation night. 12:58 PM Jun 7th via Twitter for BlackBerry

6. Just got done doing all the chores I won't have time to do this week-groceries,laundry etc. etc. 9:41 PM Jun 6th via web

7. Helicopters still overhead, starting to feel like Jack Bauer from the tv show 24. 8:21 AM Jun 4th via Twitter for BlackBerry

8. Took the girls to school this morning and was followed by a news helicpoter the whole way-what an ridiculous waste of fuel. 8:59 AM Jun 3rd via web

9. Just got done with the trial of a kid who broke a window in my house. 16 years old, with a record, and on the road to nowhere. So sad 1:11 PM Jun 1st via web

10. listening to my hubby on WLS AM 890! 12:23 PM May 30th via web

11. Inspired by the little blind girl in my daughter's piano class. 12:07 PM May 29th via Twitter for BlackBerry

12. debmell Quinn not living in mansion as promised - 2:36 PM May 26th via Retweeted by pblagojevich and 2 others

13. taking Annie to swimming lessons-signed up a new insurance client! 5:17 PM May 26th via web

14. Gave a seminar on the Health Reform Act today. 5:18 PM May 25th via web

15. Getting ready for the week ahead. Busy once again. I guess that is a good thing. 6:25 PM May 16th via web

16. just got done listening to a webinar about the health care reform act 10:24 AM Apr 29th via web

17. Just got done having a knock down drag out with my 13 year old who doesn't understand that homework comes before Dancing with the Stars! 7:27 PM Nov 2nd, 2009 via web

18. Support my 2010 Hustle Up the Hancock Climb!: via @addthis 12:26 PM Nov 2nd, 2009 via web

19. Just signed Amy and I up for the 2010 Hustle up the Hancock Race. We look forward to climbing 111 flights of stairs for charity. 9:49 AM Nov 2nd, 2009 via web

20. Trying to figure out -once again-what is for dinner?! 4:45 PM Nov 1st, 2009 via web


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Posted on July 12, 2010

MUSIC - Chief Keef Changed The Industry.
TV - Vizio's Best Product Is You.
POLITICS - UIC: Soda Taxes Work.
SPORTS - More McCaskey Malpractice.

BOOKS - All About Poop.


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