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20 Tweets: Oprah

Taking on the world's most pressing issues . . .

1. Think you can host YOUR OWN SHOW? Or know someone who can. The search is on. Go to for details. 9:11 PM May 19th via web

2. TheOprahShow The global call to end distracted driving--will you respond? Hang up; put it down; just drive. #gcedd #npz 10:09 AM May 19th via web Retweeted by Oprah and 100+ others

3. Great way to spend a Sunday - "Life" marathon all day on Discovery Channel 6:34 PM Apr 16th via web

4. Time flies - O Mag celebrates its 10th anniversary May 7-9. Join me and my friends in NYC! Tix @ 5:51 PM Apr 5th via web

5. A big No Phone Zone shout-out to ABC'S Cougartown! That's right guys, talking on your phone while driving IS crazy-dangerous 3:58 PM Mar 26th via OpenBeak

6. 15 minutes tune in to my Oscar special. Some cool celebs interviewing each other. 8:51 PM Mar 3rd via web

7. RT @SheriSalata if you need some perspective today about life watch film critic roger ebert on @TheOprahShow today. it is an uplifting WOW. 9:51 AM Mar 2nd via web

8. RT @sherisalata drew brees on today with his gorgeous wife and little baby boy-- big who dat fun. 1:11 PM Feb 12th via web

9. RT @sherisalata big moment with the fabulous Celine Dion today on @theoprahshow. surprise surprise surprise 8:41 AM Feb 10th via web

10. Yes that was REAL D, J and me. Shot Tuesday nite in New York undercover at D's studio. 6:37 PM Feb 7th via web

11. If you have a child.know someone who has a child.or you were molested as a child.I pray you'll watch Monday's show & Tweet me your thoughts 4:11 PM Feb 5th via web

12. RT @sherisalata Dr Oz on @theoprahshow today. Don't miss the first 12 minutes 8:44 AM Feb 4th via web

13. - Hey y'all! Meet my new birthday babies... 3:37 PM Jan 29th via TwitPic

14. The aftershow reaction to our jay leno interview is up on 6:00 PM Jan 28th via web

15. @Sr_JoSeR I salute you I applaud you 6:11 PM Jan 20th via web

16. - It was a harpo staffer, novona who first told me about the magnitude of Maxwell. she hasn't quite recovered 5:56 PM Jan 20th via TwitPic

17. @cosmoalien - that's how we start a revolution. Did you sign the pledge? #nophonezone 5:03 PM Jan 20th via web

18. @KELivinlife - Next time tell the bus driver to stop texting! 5:00 PM Jan 20th via web

19. Wyclef will do great things for Haiti once he gets the right CFO. watch today's show. 10:31 AM Jan 20th via web

20. just met MAXWELL , so sweet, great spirit. loooved him. Rihanna's legs look like they're growing from her armpits. Boy is she gorgeous. 10:30 AM Jan 20th via web


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Posted on August 2, 2010

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