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20 Tweets: Jeremy Piven

From The Beachwood Tweetdeck

One in a series.

1. Did I steer u wrong tonight? about 6 hours ago from txt

2. Take your cues from the Universe, it rules us all . . . 5:51 PM Aug 29th from txt

3. Was lucky enough to see Adam Goldstein perform and we love you brother, RIP DJ AM . . . 3:03 PM Aug 29th from txt

4. Can someone ask Diddy 4 me? 5:45 PM Aug 28th from txt

5. Can u wear cream after Labor day? 5:41 PM Aug 28th from txt

6. All you can ask for is to get your day in court and due to the facts I have been vindicated 3:39 PM Aug 27th from

7. @smileyYYC yes would love your review! 7:24 PM Aug 26th from txt

8. RT @drdrew "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die" Edward Kennedy 5:36 PM Aug 26th from web

9. Officially on break so if these don't make sense I'm sizxjkbnr ncnbdjk*a[~¥ 4:44 PM Aug 25th from txt

10. For those of u who dig Entourage this next Sun is the best we have done so far . . . 4:43 PM Aug 25th from txt

11. @pwhauser thanks for the love . . . Maybe this will help explain what was going on behind the scenes 3:58 PM Aug 25th from

12. just sent out entourage dvds to last week's "the goods" contest winners 11:57 AM Aug 24th from web

13. The Walnut Show, Part 3: : 4:22 PM Aug 22nd from Twiddeo

14. contest for the best reason u haven't seen "the Goods" 500K following . . .5:49 PM Aug 21st from txt

15. The Gorillas in Dallas are Pink: 4:23 PM Aug 21st from Twiddeo

16. The Dallas News covers my birthday: : 4:23 PM Aug 21st from Twiddeo

17. Nothing but good things rainbows, unicorns and sparkle sacks for all of us- the good luck crowd! 4:14 PM Aug 21st from txt

18. movie tix for car pix: http://www.livehardsellhard...3:49 PM Aug 21st from web

19. My summer break is here! Construction started next to me, so must summoned the power of Gandhi.11:40 AM Aug 21st from txt

20. Nothing like going home 9:18 PM Aug 19th from Yfrog


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Posted on August 31, 2009

MUSIC - Chief Keef Changed The Industry.
TV - Vizio's Best Product Is You.
POLITICS - UIC: Soda Taxes Work.
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