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20 Tweets: Billy Dec Olympic Edition

From The Beachwood TweetDeck

One in a series.

1. Ur the BEST assistant in the world! Yo! Every1 follow my WonderWoman! RT @katierosecronin: So tired it hurts, yet still working

2. Morning view from my Sweden hotel room- catchn early train2 Copenhagn4 Chicago2016- be there in 5hrs!

3. Would love2hear ur fav Celeb Video on

4. If DIDN'T get my email of the Celeb addresses who did videos on, email

5. # "Rescue Me" & "Love Jones" LarenzTate lookn fly & givn out a whole lot of love on!

6. - Here are the Celebrity addresses for those who supported bringing the Olympics back to the USA in 2016!

7. Respect "The Roots" #Questlove dropn music ed. knowldge on backstge@ TheLateShow w/#JimmyFallon!

8. Ahhhhh... A true icon... Just posted my interview w/ Dan Aykroyd on ... Now that's good stuff... RT!

9. RussianBathHouse beatn my bizpartnr paid4 explaind more on new StPete/Russia vid just postd on www.aChicagoThing. Enjoy!

10. Remember my "NightmareOnElmStreet" scene w/star Katie Cassidy (David Cassidy's daughter)? We're up on!

11. "HappyWife, HappyLife" GoodCharlotte's JoelMadden, marryd2 NicoleRitchie on trainin his baby4 2016!

12. Got20 tix 4my fb/twtr friends in Biz who want 2go2 a really helpful Tech show! Just comment at end of now!

13. Is it wierd that my video of me judgn the Luvabulls tryouts on is gettn more clicks then some of the Celebs?

14. Did u see Jamie Foxx do Obama on Its pretty amazing.

15. WARNING: u spreadn CelebVideos on thru email, fb, twtr,.. may lead2 Chicago winning the Olympics!

16. Did u all like Piven telln me I basically sucked in Entourage on! Haha- painful.

17. Walkn cute lil old brick narrow streets, shops, cafes,..of Sweden b4 Copnhagn tmrw! Share Celeb Videos!

18.Walkn cute lil old brick narrow streets, shops, cafes,..of Sweden b4 Copnhagn tmrw! Sha re!

19. Did u see Jamie Foxx do Obama on

20. Al Capone. Can u believe what I was sayn on CNN 2nites ago? Its on now. We need to cure this. Its silly.


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Posted on October 1, 2009

MUSIC - Chief Keef Changed The Industry.
TV - Vizio's Best Product Is You.
POLITICS - UIC: Soda Taxes Work.
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