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20 Tweets: Billy Dec

From The Beachwood Tweetdeck

One in a series.

1. Kickn it w/ Paris Hilton . . . catchin up from last time together @ her at sis' wedding in Vegas . . .oh crazy times . . .11:22 PM Jun 6th from TwitterBerry

2. Crowd nutz @ Underground w/Bulls Ben Gordon, MTV kid Quddus, Larenz Tate (Rescue Me), The Bachelor Jason something . .. all up on my table! 12:22 AM Jun 6th from TwitterBerry

3. Kickn Quddus' butt (MTV/ Access Hollywood Host) @ my Rockit pool table while ladies lovin "The Bachelor" Jason(?) & his girl next table over10:01 PM Jun 5th from TwitterBerry

4. Brutally beaten up by long time Sifu (Dino Spencer) . . . in a good way . . . 4:05 PM Jun 5th from TwitterBerry

5. just shared a tease of my Oprah radio interview about dating yesterday on for you to check out and forward on!!! 1:21 PM Jun 5th from TwitterBerry

6. Closing my facebook account down! Get on my new one quick before we loose touch! 10:17 AM Jun 5th from TwitterBerry

7. New blog post: my craziest day on radio ever! AM Jun 5th from Twitter Tools

8. Reading in RedEye that "The Beast" might be cancelled?? Damn! I'll never b able to play my SWAT role again! Ugh. . . there goes my dream part 9:57 AM Jun 5th from TwitterBerry

9. Eating again . . . at Rockit Wrigley w/partners Brad Young & Arturo Gomez . . . its Burgerfest baby! 7:13 PM Jun 4th from TwitterBerry

10. @jarreauman thanks man for today's RedEye Rockit Burger shoutout! 5:09 PM Jun 4th from TwitterBerry

11. pounding sushi @ Sunda! anyone think its funny that I went from Mancow to Oprah today? Feeln heavily confused & excited from all that crazy 5:00 PM Jun 4th from TwitterBerry

12. Walking into Harpo Studios thinking I'm actually sore from my 1st salsa lesson last night? Dork 2:46 PM Jun 4th from TwitterBerry

13. Speaking of "Oprah moments" . . . guess I had one on my blog yesterday as gettin lots of sweet comments- very appreciated u all 2:11 PM Jun 4th from TwitterBerry

14. Gettin ready for my big guest spot on OPRAH xm Radio Show in about an hour . . . Guess we're talking about sex & relationships!?! OMG . . . Its on- 1:43 PM Jun 4th from TwitterBerry

15. Eating Rockit Burgers for breakfast on air w/Mancow while talkin Obama, David Karadine and talking to the dead . . . Scary- 8:13 AM Jun 4th from TwitterBerry

16. Feelin lil like poop off to do LIVE radio gig hollaring at 9 BAjillion'ish people on Mancow show WLS 890 am . . . time to wake up! 6:55 AM Jun 4th from TwitterBerry

17. New blog post: believe in art . . . 3:31 PM Jun 3rd from Twitter Tools

18. Watchn Michael Clarke Duncan & the boys getting smoked by Chicago Sky / USA Olympic player Sylvia Fowles & the girls . . . Poor guys . . . Painful! 5:20 PM Jun 2nd from TwitterBerry

19. at the big Celeb BBall game interviewin Celebs b4 start . . . U coming? Put info up on w/fun story about last night w/??? 3:50 PM Jun 2nd from TwitterBerry

20. New blog post: chicago talent loves coming home!


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Posted on June 8, 2009

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