Chicago - May. 28, 2016
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Beachwood Photo Booth: America, Summer 2016, Part 1

By Helene Smith

Memorial Day weekend at the Meijer's in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

memorialdaycakes.jpg(ENLARGE FOR PROPER VIEWING)

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Posted on May 27, 2016

Taxicab Journals

Cab #1555

I kept desperately pushing on that sound icon on the TV screen and nothing.
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Posted on January 6, 2016
Open Letter

Open Letter

Dear Asses Of Chicago Commuters:
This crowding reduction plan isn't working at all for your human.
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Posted on January 29, 2013
Life At Work

I Am A Retail Warrior: Throw The Dog A Birthday Bone!

By Jane Harper
At that point, I was kind of hoping the dog was back at home chewing up her hand-sewn Italian leather shoes.
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Posted on October 19, 2015

Beachwood Photo Booth: America, Summer 2016, Part 1

By Helene Smith
Memorial Day weekend at the Meijer's in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Posted on May 27, 2016

Letter From Missouri | The Ozarks Are Deranged

By Scott Buckner
Put corn on a fishhook and they'll go after it.

Posted on May 25, 2016

Grill With Caution: Wire Bristles From Barbecue Brushes Can Cause Serious Injuries

By The University of Missouri School of Medicine
Beware bristles in your burgers!

Posted on May 26, 2016

Sneaker Con "Chicago"

Shoes In Schaumburg
Flames not included.

Posted on May 23, 2016

Chicagoetry: The Conversation

By J.J. Tindall
The bullies, the sports, the opportunities.

Posted on May 24, 2016

Beachwood Photo Booth: Stop Killing People

By Helene Smith
Just. Stop.

Posted on May 20, 2016

At The Art Institute | Invisible Man: Gordon Parks And Ralph Ellison In Harlem

By The Art Institute Of Chicago
Included: never-before-seen photographs by Parks and unpublished manuscripts by Ellison.

Posted on May 19, 2016

Meet The Morton Grove Best Western

Two Diamonds, Three Stars
$84 a night.

Posted on May 18, 2016

Meet The Black Couch

By Chicago Lines | DePaul's TV Project
Hermosa studio and gallery in old Hammond organ plant.

Posted on May 17, 2016

Beachwood Photo Booth: Railyards Rush Hour

By Helene Smith
Bumper to bumper.

Posted on May 13, 2016

Renaissance At Studebaker

By Regional Cities Of Northern Indiana And The Beachwood Added Value Affairs Desk
Once complete, the Renaissance District will be the largest mixed-use technology campus in the Midwest.

Posted on May 16, 2016

Meet Chicago's Etch A Sketch Princess

By Steve Rhodes
Jane Labowitch, you are ridiculous.

Posted on May 11, 2016

At The Museum Of Science & Industry | DARPA

An in-depth and interactive look behind the curtain at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Posted on May 9, 2016

Beachwood Photo Booth: DLER ALKY

By Helene Smith
Stick it where it fits.

Posted on May 6, 2016

At The Adler | Women In Space

By The Adler Planetarium
This year's honoree was told as a student by a science teacher that the girls in class didn't have to listen.

Posted on May 5, 2016

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