Chicago - Nov. 25, 2020
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The Week In Chicago Rock

You shoulda been there.

1. Queens of the Stone Age at the Aragon on Monday night.


"Queens of the Stone Age singer-guitarist Josh Homme towers over his band, the audience, his music," Greg Kot writes for the Tribune.

"He's an imposing figure in no-nonsense black shirt and jeans, with a scarf dangling from his back pocket like a tail or a talisman. He exudes don't-mess-with-me presence.

"But the voice is softspoken and casual, the voice of a guy who spends a lot of time in wide open spaces with not a lot of company. When he sings, he doesn't growl or threaten so much as croon, breaking out a falsetto that belies his imposing physical stature.

"And those seeming contradictions are all there in the music, integrated to create an imposing mess of menace and vulnerability, power and poignance. Homme and his quintet have risen to rarefied status in the last decade; without big commercial singles they nearly filled the Aragon on Monday night and will return Friday to play to a capacity audience - nearly 9,000 fans on two Chicago nights."


2. Wolfmother at the Metro on Monday night.


3. Uh Huh Her at Lincoln Hall on Tuesday night.


4. Chromeo at Lincoln Hall on Monday night.


5. Joseph Arthur at City Winery on Tuesday night.


6. Mastodon at the Riv on Thursday night.


7. Ray LaMontagne at Park West on Thursday night.


8. Primal Fear at Mojoes in Joliet on Tuesday night.


9. Matchess at the Burlington on Tuesday night.


10. Tech N9ne at the House of Blues on Tuesday night.


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Posted on May 9, 2014

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