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More Booze

A Compilation By Brian Page

I dig honky tonk songs about that place between diminished and extinguished capacity. I chose these because in general they're less well-known, the music's good, and they were made in my favorite period of 1960 to the late 1970s. And I have them on listenable 45s.


1. Booze And Wine
By: Ben "Queenie" Stewart and the Tune-Drifters
Note: On the Scarlo label from Elmhurst, Illinois.

2. One Too Many
By: Clay Allen
Note: "Guess I'd better drive, 'cause I'm too drunk to walk"

3. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
By: Leon Rausch
Note: An update of the perennial Rose Lee & Joe Maphis song

4. Empty Bottle
By: Wade Jackson

5. Out Of Control
By: Lattie Moore
Note: Co-written and recorded by both Moore and George Jones

6. Blues Over Ice
By: Gene Crawford

7. Prayers Can't Reach Me
By: Leon Ashley
Note: "grows numb with the wine"

8. Just Leave The Bottle
By: Dave Linkus

9. Searching Every Tavern
By: Gig Dry

10. Thanks To The Wine
By: Jerry Dunaway
Note: The song I will sing at my Academy Award acceptance speech.

11. The Stool Next To Me
By: Willie Samples

12. Bottle In My Hand
By:Earl Scott

13. Fools Come In Three Different Sizes
By: Bobby Buttram

14. The Bottle And Me
By: Ellis Kirk

15. More Booze
By: Teddy Vaughn
Note: A universal drinking-to-forget theme.

16. Til I See The Dawn
By: Pet Hasty

17. You Reach For The Bottle
By: Donna Fargo
Note: Before Fargo's "Happiest Girl" pop stardom.

18. A Pretty Face And A Glass Of Wine
By: Dickie Mauldin
Note: The combination I'm looking for . . .

19. Drinking Up The Wine
By: Michael Brandon

20. Those Beer Drinkin' Songs
By: Bob Zimmerman
Note: The folks at Bud should "print the words on labels so we all can sing along"

21. Two Beers To Go
By: Wendell Austin
Note: On the Wreck label and the flip to the great "L S D"!

22. Brewer's Art
By: Lynn Echols
Note: "Friends that shook my hand now laugh at my hand shaking"

23. Drinking Again
By: Rusty Adams

24. Billy Beer Drinkin' Fan
By: Rick Pilgreen
Note: Jimmy Carter's brother's beer had a fan?

25. Frost On The Glass
By: Jack Nelson

26. Here I Am Drunk Again
By: Becky Richard
Note: A femme version of the Clyde Beavers gem with added Cajun lyrics

27. Who Will Buy The Wine
By: Jimmy Griggs
Note: "Not long ago you held our baby's bottle, but the one you're holding now's a different kind"

28. Brought On By The Wine
By: Vern Stovall

29. Changing Her Thinking
By: Johnny Dollar

30. Seat Belts On The Bar Stools
By: Russ Mann
Note: An invention whose time has come.

31. The Man They Sweep Up Off The Floor
By: Sunny Lee
Note: Used to sweep her off her feet.


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Posted on May 12, 2009

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