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McCain Radio

Little did we know when we listened to Obama Radio on and posted a playlist that Slacker went all non-partisan and put together a McCain Radio channel as well. But they did.

"McCain Radio plays the favored music of John McCain including his personal song picks, tracks from his favorite artists and music played at his events," Slacker says. "Hear an eclectic mix of tunes ranging from Elvis Presley and The Beach Boys to Hank Williams Jr. and ABBA."

Let's listen in.

1. Centerfield/John Fogerty. Ugh.

2. Sweet Caroline/Neil Diamond. Why?

3. S.O.S./Abba. Because his campaign has capsized?

4. Gonna Fly Now/Bill Conti. Also known as the theme from Rocky. To which we say, please! (Are the opening lyrics really "trying hard now"?)

5. Treat Me Nice/Elvis Presley. Also on Blagojevich Radio.

6. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/The Platters. Beautiful. But not very McCainy.

7. Walk This Way/Aerosmith. I have no idea what this is doing on here. Maybe this is a Sarah Palin contribution. Or a Levi Johnston pick.

8. Caught Up/Usher. Is it the part when he sings "I'm the kinda brotha emmm, movin' doin it my way emm, getting' my way for years," or the part when he sings "Her body was so tight, I'm lookin' for her in the daytime with a flashlight, my homies say this girl is crampin' my style"?

9. You've Got to Stand for Something/Aaron Tippin. You know, or you'll fall for anything.

10. Long Tall Sally/Little Richard. She's built for speed.

11. Only in America/Brooks & Dunn. Only in America could Brooks & Dunn have a career.

12. Gasolina/Daddy Yankee. I think this is about supporting a temporary suspension of the gas tax, but I'm not totally sure.

13. Johnny B. Goode/Chuck Berry. John McCain was born in a log cabin.

14. You Got It/Roy Orbison. Nice song, but I guess I see McCain listening to oldies older than this plus some G 'N' R.

15. If We Make It Through December/Merle Haggard. Too easy.

16. All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight/Hank Williams Jr. Well tell them to keep it down, the Obama people are trying to study.

17. She's Not Just a Pretty Face/Shania Twain. How nice to include a song about Hillary Clinton.

18. God Only Knows/The Beach Boys. Teaching Shania Twain a little bit about songwriting.

19. Danger Zone>Kenny Loggins. And there it is!

20. Dancing Queen/ABBA. Irresistible. Sort of like Obama.


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Posted on October 28, 2008

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