Chicago - Aug. 4, 2020
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Local Music Notebook: The Week In Kanye & Lupe

1. The Week In Kanye West.

* Says he's gonna be the new Disney, the new Steve Jobs, the new Howard Hughes, the new David Stern, the new Michelangelo, the Tupac of product.

* Goes off on Sway: "You ain't spent 13 million dollars of your own money trying to empower yourself!"

* Blows the doors off Brooklyn.


2. The Week In Lupe Fiasco.

* Ends Salt Lake City show early after a "fat white bitch" throws a tomato at him.

* Complains that "Everything I say turns political."

* Says the name of his new albm "doesn't mean anything. It's called Tetsuo & Youth, because I pulled it out of a hat. You know it was kind of just like two words I liked. So it doesn't really mean anything, you know?"


3. Bloodshot Blowout Sale!


4. Another 30 Minutes From Oozing Wound.

This video, in support of Retrash, made us instant fans. Now there's more:


5. Chicago Punks Aim For The Big Time With New EP.


6. Guitar World Exclusive On New Czar Video.

"Following an impressive debut album, Vertical Mass Grave, Chicago-based prog/sludge trio Czar have released their sophomore album, No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive, via Cracknation Records.

"The album, an expressive 44-minute slab of heavy sludge full of clean guitar tones and old-school industrial elements, is truly a worthwhile piece of music for any fan of heavy music."

Here's the video:


7. Rebel Diaz ("Chicago Teacher") Announces Release Of Full-Length Debut.

"Peace to all! We are proud to announce the release of our debut full length album, Radical Dilemma, Wed. 11/27 in Chicago and Wed. 12/4 in NYC and worldwide!"

Video for their second single:


8. Meet The Flatts & Sharpe Music Co. Of Rogers Park.

"Chris Bell is an economic rainmaker whose music education shop in Rogers Park has worked cultural wonders for the neighborhood. She tells now of her plan to expand in 2014 to the Norwood Park neighborhood of northwest Chicago."


Comments welcome.


Posted on November 27, 2013

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