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Local Music Notebook: Freaks, Geeks, Misfits & Losers

"Former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott says that he has 'found peace 10 years after witnessing the murder of his brother while they were both playing at a club in Ohio," Blabbermouth reports.

"Dimebag was shot dead on December 8, 2004 while performing with his band Damageplan at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. The shooting that night claimed three other lives and seven more were injured as the mad gunman opened fire on the crowd at the small club north of downtown Columbus."


"I remember the last show we ever played together with Damageplan, we played in Buffalo, New York, and I wanted to . . . Actually, we wanted to go to the casino in Niagara Falls and he was really smoked. We had two more shows left. We were gonna do Mancow's show in Chicago the next day. And I said, 'Dime, man, let's go to the casino, man.' And he was, like, 'Man, Vinnie, I'm really, really tired. I wanna kill these last two shows. I'm gonna go home and make the next Damageplan record. I wanna kill this.' He goes, 'You go have a good time, man. I'll see you in a little bit.'

"So me and Mayhem, our security guy that got killed that night [in Columbus], went with me, and we went to the casino and we had a great time. And the bus pulled up about 3 o'clock in the morning to get us, and I came on the bus, and there was a full party going on in the front lounge. And I'm, like, 'What is going on in here?' It was Dime and there was, like, 12 people I'd never seen in my life. And I said, 'Dime, I thought you were [tired].' And he goes, 'Dude, I couldn't let these people down, man. They wanted to party tonight, man.' And that's how my brother was. He just would not let people down."

Lovable Losers
"Back in the day, being a Replacements fan was like rooting for the Chicago Cubs," Hugo Lindgren writes for Billboard.

"You didn't actually want them to win. Ritualized self-abuse was central to the appeal. If you went to a show and they were dicks or too drunk, or half the band seemed to be playing a different song than the other half, well, that's why you were there: to identify with them as unrepentant screw-ups. Because that's what they were, and that's what Paul Westerberg wrote beautiful, wrenching songs about (and a few other things, to be fair). Then he buried them in feedback and booze and bad attitude."

"At one point we had felt like misfits or we had felt like 'others,'" Carrie Brownstein recently said of the time she shared with Phair - in her case, in her own indie-rock community, in Olympia, Washington.

"It was supposed to be come one, come all, you know? Freaks gather round and we'll provide you with shelter. And you get in these scenes and you realize, no, I've gone from one set of rules and regulations and codifications of how you should dress and what you should know to another . . . What should have been inclusive felt very exclusive . . . there were times when I felt very flummoxed by the rules, very alienated, and I was trying way too hard to figure out not just what band to like, but am I liking the right album from that band. And then, am I liking the right band member in that band? Am I liking the right song on the right record? Have I picked the right year to stop liking the band?"

Radio Wasteland
WXRT has a "partnership" with U2.

Murder Metal
"Chicago's murder metal trio, Macabre, is set to rampage across the U.S. on a headlining twenty-four city slaughter spree this October," Metal Underground reports.

"Joined by openers, Panzerfaust, and with direct support from the mighty Ringworm, Macabre will spread grisly tales of terror across the country from October third through Halloween night. The trek includes participation in Philip H. Anselmo's second annual Housecore Horror Film Fest in Austin."


This is also a Chicago band. Just sayin'.


New GWAR Star
Vulvatron made her debut at Riot Fest here.


Museum Piece
The Hudson Branch meets the Field Museum.


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Posted on September 24, 2014

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