Chicago - Jul. 11, 2020
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Local Music Notebook: Exploding In Sound!

1. "One of the recent additions to Exploding In Sound's ever expanding roster is the Chicago punk band Geronimo! who really earn that exclamation point in their name with the new album Cheap Trick," Miles Bowe writes for Stereogum.

Here's one track; you can click through for the rest.


2. Israeli Jazz Fest continues through May 17.

3. What It's Like To Be Muddy Waters' Son.

Blues singer Mud Morganfield speaks about his tough upbringing in the Chicago ghetto and stepping out of his father's shadow.

4. Wilco Guitarist Nels Cline Also Fronts A Jazz Band.

5. Soul Singer Jessica Cleaves Dies At 65.

Cleaves joined the Friends of Distinction, formed by Cleaves, Harry Elston, Floyd Butler and Barbara Love, in the late '60s and the group's first single "Grazin' in the Grass" reached the top five on both the pop and soul charts in 1969.

She later left the group to join the then-fledgling Chicago band Earth Wind and Fire and recorded the albums Last Days and Time and Head to the Sky.

6. Tortoise In Asia.

7. Tommy Lee To Play Drums On New Smashing Pumpkins Album.

And then he'll read from One Hundred Years of Solitude at Billy's tea shop.

8. Wall Street Journal: The Concert Industry's Big Hot Summer.

For Lollapalooza in Chicago, tickets sold out in 20 minutes - twice as fast as ever - even before the lineup of bands was announced.

Article neglects to mention Pitchfork or Riot Fest.

9. Guitar Bought By Beatle At Discount In Illinois Could Fetch $600K At Auction.

Harrison bought the 1962 Rickenbacker 425 for between $400 and $500.

10. Kelly Hogan Puts Down Roots Near Madison After Befriending Lynda Barry And Touring With Neko Case.

[T]he last neighborhood I lived in Chicago, your landlord should tell you when you're moving in [there] that you're on a gang-turf boundary line. You find that out the hard way. I was in a violent neighborhood, and it was really destructive. I bartended a long time at this place called the Hideout. I would be coming home by myself at 3 a.m. and dodging gunfire from 15-year-olds who couldn't even grow a mustache yet. No grasp of mortality. I was a little rattled. When I was home from tour, I couldn't rest.


Comments welcome.


Posted on May 13, 2014

MUSIC - Pandemophenia.
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BOOKS - The Slave Who Escaped George And Martha Washington.


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