Chicago - Mar. 19, 2022
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Local Music Notebook: Dub Witch, Hairbangers, Metal Garfield

"Music fans around Des Moines have been hearing Stella Katsoudas' music for years, even if they don't know her by that name. In the late '90s the Chicago musician made frequent visits to Des Moines, performing under the name Sister Soleil at Dotfest, and her song, 'Red,' got heavy airplay on the now defunct KKDM," the Des Moines Register reports.

"You might remember her brief turn as a pop star under the name Stella Soleil (though she would prefer you didn't). She even had a top 40 hit with the song 'Kiss Kiss.'

"Most recently she was the singer of Shawn Crahan's Dirty Little Rabbits, even living in Des Moines for a time. Saturday she'll return for her first Des Moines show in years with her latest project, the EDM-inspired Dub Witch."




Kiss Kiss.


"The first live performance of Dubwitch, the new project from Chicago's Stella Katsoudas."


Ina's Story
"The story of Chicago's own famed 1930's Big Band leader Ina Ray Hutton is set to dazzle at The Gift Theatre," Broadway World reports.

"Ina Ray Hutton was the most successful female conductor of an 'all-girl' band, The Melodears, during the Big Band era. She was the first woman to conduct all-male bands in the 1940's, and the first woman to have her own TV show on NBC in the 1950's."




Hairbangers Ball
"With the booming beat of a bass drum and the electricity stemming from a power chord, the 1980s are reborn every time Hairbangers Ball takes the stage," the Franklin, Indiana, Daily Journal reports.

"It was a time when teased hair, eyeliner and skin-tight Lycra outfits were as much a part of the scene as squealing guitars and flying double drum kits.

"The Chicago-based group wants to unearth the entire scene."



Atlas Moth
"While most metal bands are one-trick ponies with regard to the feeling they create (anger and aggression), the Atlas Moth have a much broader range," Kathleen Richards writes for the Portland Mercury.

"While they began in the sludgy Eyehategod vein, the Chicago band branched out on their second album, 2011's An Ache for the Distance, juxtaposing raspy, black-metalish screams and clean singing, swirling post-rock guitars and doomy riffs into proggy songs that were at times reflective, triumphant, mournful, and cathartic.

"On third album The Old Believer, released last year by Profound Lore, Atlas Moth are even moodier - combining the heaviness of Neurosis, the spacey atmospherics of Pink Floyd, the emotional weight of Deftones, and the hypnotic dreaminess of Slowdive."


Last week in Kansas City.


Father-Son Floyd
In Joliet on Friday.

Chicago Engineer Has Hit With Cartoon Blending Metallica And Garfield.

Aftermath Are Back
Chicago thrashers return after a two-decade absence.

Yes, Master
Meet The Chicago Man With A Hand In Most Every North Texas Album.

Disturbed Not Dead
Will play first show in four years next week in Chicago.

South Side Nils
"Well, I spent eight years on the South Side of Chicago, where I was born."

From Wikipedia: "Lofgren was born in Chicago in 1951 to an Italian mom and Swedish dad."


Chicago Thyagaraja Utsavam 2015


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Posted on August 13, 2015

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