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Even More Postcards From Pitchfork

Our week-long review of the reviews and video highlights continues.

1. Wolf Parade had a killer set, Kyle Ryan wrote in Spin. "The band delivered one propulsive anthem after another," Jim DeRogatis concurred.


2. "But, honestly, Sleigh Bells didn't sound so hot," Katie Guymon writes at Speakers in Code. "I feel like I'm sinning against the Ten Commandments of Hipsterdom just typing that. I don't know if it's hard to translate the music from the album to a live show, but it seemed imbalanced, too fuzzed out, more like noise than noise rock. I don't think these are the comments of an audience member with a prudish ear; I think the Brooklyn duo had some issues on Sunday night. But the bottom line is that no one really cared."


3. "Liars deserve praise for following their muse no matter where it takes them, even if that place is sloppy, abrasive, and tuneless," Kyle Ryan writes for The A.V. Club. "It takes guts. Too bad it's pretty terrible."


4. "The rare band to be fronted by a drummer," Cassie Walker writes at "Probably the only band to be fronted by a drummer wearing a mask and what looked like a ball gag. Divided my crew - some said brilliant, others were confused. All stood watching with mouths slightly agape."


5. "Girls win the award for best shirt on a frontperson," Mission Mission writes.


6. "[M]y reminiscing about the glory days of the ever-glorious Wu-Tang were satisfied as Raekwon ran through all of the hits, even including a group of four breakdancers called Chi-Town's Finest Breakers," Dennis McLennand writes for the Sentimentalist.


7. "Best Coast's sandy-shore, mellow pop eased fest go-ers' two-day hangovers as the crowd passed around beach balls and, well, other things," Mark Brenden wrote for The Minnesota Daily. "The band's stellar outing set the bar at a lofty height that nobody really matched - save Big Boi, but in a different manner."


8. "The Tallest Man on Earth turned in one of our favorite sets of the whole day," the Chicagoist writes.


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Posted on July 22, 2010

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