Chicago - Oct. 27, 2020
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CPD Gets Downstate FBG Duck Shows Shut Down

"Warnings from the Chicago Police Department about a rap group from Chicago that was scheduled to perform in Southern Illinois this past weekend caused two law enforcement departments and a university to cancel shows at three different venues Friday," the Southern reports.

"The rap group FBG Duck was originally booked to play at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Student Center on March 30, but a call from the Chicago Police Department to the Southern Illinois University Public Safety Department informed the college about the group's violent history, according to Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry."

I always hate seeing reports like this - rap groups seem to be targeted disproportionately to other acts with audiences that are sometimes unruly, and we all know why.

On the other hand, could it be true that danger was afoot?

"Henry said Chicago Police told SIU the group was dangerous - they allegedly come heavily armed with firearms, they sell drugs, and many are members of the South Side Chicago gang Gangster Disciples. Henry said there are known members of the Black Disciples in Carbondale, and the two gangs are rivals."

Hmmm, even if this is all true it seems like a pretty sketchy reason to shut down their shows. I'd like to know more.


Previously in the Beachwood: FBG Duck: Life On The Low End.


Comments welcome.


1. From Larry Washington:

FBG Duck is not a gang it's one person. As a matter of fact he just signed to Sony. Do your research.

Reply: You know, I thought about clarifying this report but didn't. You might want to direct your ire, though, to the Southern, which is where this is excerpted from. I searched long and hard for more information because, as should be clear by the accompanying link to an interview we previously carried, I know exactly who FBG Duck is. However, he was almost certainly performing with the Fly Boy Gang downstate, so that's probably where the confusion came in.


Posted on April 3, 2018

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