Chicago - May. 28, 2020
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Chi City Checks In

"Hailing from Southside Chicago, Chi City is undeniably one of the most lyrically explosive rappers in the Midwest. Chi City has inched his way into the music game as a writer, lyricist, performer, and he has been expanding his brand to reach audiences across the U.S.

"Unlike so many rappers out that talk more about partying and sex, Chi City's 'Story To Tell' tells the story of so many who strive to make it out of the streets and projects.

"From the start, the song hits you with a nice strong and smooth street beat. Chi City reminds us of a young Kanye West as he details the struggles to make ends meet and his dreams of success in an unbalanced and cruel world where he fights against becoming a statistic of the streets. Chi City reaches out to emerging East Coast emcee The Kid Daytona to paint a vivid picture of growing up in the streets of New York. In the end they share the same heart ache and pain as they both travel the same road to success."


Directed by: Klay Dot
Edited by: Hookmodo


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Posted on January 23, 2013

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