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Bloodshot Briefing: The Choir's Alright

By Matt Harness

The biggest news on the Bloodshot Records' beat is the good news surrounding Scotland Yard Gospel Choir. The good word is everybody's health is improving.

"Once I realized everyone in the band would be okay, I came alive again," Scotland Yard Gospel Choir's Elia Einhorn told the Tribune's Greg Kot nearly one month after a horrific van crash on I-65.

Unlike a lot of indie-type bands, most Scotland Yard members have health insurance. But the equipment that was destroyed must be paid for out of pocket. If you are interested in helping out, go here. Instead of money, some folks are donating instruments. E-mail Nan to learn more.

As one commenter on Kot's post points out, health insurance certainly is crucial for bands but most of them also don't have the kind of insurance that covers lost, stolen or damaged equipment.

Subterranean is hosting a benefit concert Oct. 31 to raise money for SYGC. BBU, New Duncan Imperials, Canasta and the Avondale Ramblers all are playing.

On Nov. 12, the Hideout is organizing its own benefit. The 1900s and Brighton MA both are playing. Singer/songwriter Matt Kerstein was a founding member of SYGC before going off on his own after one album with the group.

Tweet, Tweet
Justin Townes Earle (JustinTEarle) is one of Bloodshot's profilic tweeters, and he recently announced via Twitter that Cory Younts, his mandolin player, is leaving the band. But Justin really hit the jackpot by informing me last month someone makes goat cheese grits. Who says Twitter is a waste of time.


By force or persuasion, Scott H. Biram (ScottHBiram) now also owns a Twitter account. That would be like Hank Williams checking e-mail. Biram's first post on September 8th was "Thou shalt not tweet." But he seems to have the hang of it now. One of my favorites was "The Road = Beef Jerky Time." Just watch out for Sasquatch, Scott.


In other Biram news, check out his video for "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue." If you've never seen Biram's show, this gives you a purty good idea what he's all about.


Rosie Flores' new album Girl of the Century is on pre-sale right now. It hits stores Oct. 27. But those who order now get a full-color poster and are entered to win an autographed poster.

Bloodshot Live
You can still get your Bloodshot on this month.

Artist: Ha Ha Tonka
Date: Oct. 23
Venue: Bottom Lounge


Bloodshot Briefing appears in this space every Friday. Matt welcomes your comments.


Posted on October 16, 2009

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