Chicago - Sep. 22, 2020
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Billy Corgan's Theoretical Band Degrades Itself For "VIPs"

The latest incarnation of Billy Corgan's fevered dream of a theoretical band starring himself and whatever flunkies he can find willing to put up with him has been playing VIP shows on its current tour to cater to obsessive, affluent and lame fans willing to watch them play without embarrassment in depressing holding rooms reeking with desperation and defensiveness.

And so it was in Rosemont on Saturday night that Corgan relayed the lesson he learned about the Pumpkins brand amidst an explanation of his singular victimhood at the hands of an indifferent music industry whose extravagant rewards dissipated when the world left his band behind. Boo hoo!

Let's take a look at a few of the songs and the revealing Q&As from Rosemont and elsewhere.


In Rosemont on Saturday night.


Q&A in Rosemont.


Last Tuesday in Denver.


In Los Angeles a week ago Sunday.


In San Diego on October 13.


In Calgary on October 4.


In Winnipeg on October 2.


Q&A In Winnipeg on October 2.


Comments welcome.


1. From Yannick Noel:

Just who are you to call us lame?

Since when doing something for the fans that probably never been done before or rarely is degrading?

This is alternative you know, not some justin bieber or lady gaga pop shit who's vip experience are hanging in a room full of stupid groupies who love this empty pop shit listening to the music they are about to see lipsynced on stage, that is what i call lame

So on the behalf of every "lame" person who attended those vip set, fuck off


Posted on October 23, 2012

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