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The [Wednesday] Papers

I'm still catching up with and absorbing the news that Danny Solis wore a wire on Ed Burke not just because of whatever jeopardy that may put Burke in, but because that means Solis was in such a deep jam himself that he agreed to do it.

Remember, the criminal complaint against Burke is, presumably, just the tip of the iceberg of this investigation, and probably was made public now to keep him from winning re-election - or to put Burke on the griddle (but who can he flip on - Rahm?) or maybe even because the investigation was about to be leaked anyway. Right?

The criminal complaint makes it clear that the feds were listening to Burke long before they heard of the rather rote - though still abominable - Burger King scheme. And last week, the feds asked the court for an extension of time before actually filing an indictment (which is done by a grand jury hearing evidence; a criminal complaint is basically an FBI agent's affidavit).

Burke, of course, denies he ever said anything incriminating in Solis's presence, but that's a denial that is not to be believed or disbelieved; it's to be ignored because there's no reason to trust Burke but no reason to believe Solis actually got the goods either.


As noted by the Beachwood Bookmaking Bureau, Burke's mud is splashing all over the mayoral race. More on that, too, once I catch up with all the reporting. But check out the updated Political Odds to see how the lines have changed already.


More about Solis to come too, but remember: When Rahm came into office, he kept Burke as finance committee chair and Solis as zoning committee chair. They have been staunch allies - neither ever having voted against him, which is the least of it. Rahm (and Daley, really) owns this as much as he would if they were members of his administration, which they basically were. Maybe the most important members.


My Twitter thread on what some are saying about Solis's wire starts here:


Another line of questioning which presumes Burke is dirty because he is: How much has Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, his wife, known about his business? ("Don't ask me about my business, Anne!") Because if we all knew . . .

And by "we all knew" doesn't mean we knew (or know) if his business passed the threshold into criminality, but that's a different bar than the one we all have known about, which is being dirty.


News from Tuesday that looks even more silly, disingenuous and hypocritical today than it did yesterday.

"We are supporting Ed Burke because he has supported us and because we, unlike the Tribune and Sun-Times, believe a man is presumed innocent until he is proven guilty," Martin Preib, the FOP's second vice-president, wrote in a statement to the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Furthermore, we believe that people should be tried in courts, not in [the] court of public opinion, as the acquittal of three officers last week and likely vote for a payout to the Englewood Four this week demonstrates."

I also believe people should be tried in the courts - not by an unhinged police officer eager to unload 16 shots into a non-threatening teenager just because.


More on Burke and Solis later this week, but for now, some other campaign news.

Via Rich Miller, Capitol Fax:

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 1.35.53 PM.png

In a race as tight as this one, with a runoff in the balance, Dorothy Brown's supporters could mean the margin of difference, even if she was a thousand signatures short of getting on the ballot. And Brown is vowing not the endorse Preckwinkle, so someone (Lightfoot, Enyia) could get a few thousand votes coming their way.


"One mayoral candidate picked up some unusual financial backing today as a second was knocked off the ballot and a third was endorsed by a man who once was a presidential front-runner," Greg Hinz reports for Crain's.

"The financial backing came from former Deputy Gov. Bradley Tusk, who has moved back to New York and on with his life but decided to make a fair-sized move on behalf of mayoral hopeful Susana Mendoza."

Tusk worked for Rod Blagojevich, basically running the state much of the time when Elvis was hiding out in bathrooms and bowling alleys. Tusk later got rich as an early investor (well, he took stock as compensation for some lawyering) in Uber.

"In an interview, Tusk said he's personally donating $25,000 to Mendoza and will work to attract more money from leaders of the 'sharing economy.'

"Tusk gave two reasons: Today's multiracial, multicultural Chicago needs 'someone other than a old white guy running the city for a change.' Two, Mendoza understands things like how people want to have sharing, be it rides or homes or things like that."

1. Susana Mendoza is the white malest of all the female candidates of color.

2. Susana Mendoza somehow gets sharing! She understands sharing more than the rest of the field!

Assignment Desk: How often does Mendoza use car-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft? Has Mendoza ever used an airbnb? Worked on "sharing" legislation? And how does her record with the sharing economy compare to her rivals?

Or, bear with me, does Tusk have an ulterior motive? Is he, just maybe, picking a winner he can do business with?


Also from Hinz in the same post:

"Brown's removal from the race likely provides help for another veteran African-American woman on the ballot, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle."

Not if Brown can help it. #intercolumncallback


And finally, from that same Hinz post:

"[Howard] Dean was a sort of early version of Bernie Sanders, a progressive agent of change who was not afraid to rattle cages. He said Daley 'is a sharp shooter and wants to clean up corruption. He's the real progressive in the race.'"

And Ed Burke is the real progressive on the city council.

Not a single person voting for Bill Daley can ever legitimately claim to being progressive.

Howard Dean, you are Today's Worst Person to Visit Chicago So Far This Week.


By the way, in case you didn't know, Howard Dean sold out a long time ago.


Dean was never a total progressive - which was part of his appeal. Like Barack Obama, he was mislabeled by the national media into someone his local citizenry didn't recognize. He was passionately against the Iraq War and for single-payer health insurance, two biggies to be sure, but the rest of his record and his policy positions were more eclectic - bespeaking someone who thought for himself and didn't wear ideological blinders. He was endorsed by the NRA something like eight times while he was involved in Vermont politics, and often spoke about how the gun issue looks different in a rural state than in a place like Chicago. He was refreshing. Then he got to Washington, D.C., and decided he liked its rewards and wanted to stay. That was the end of Howard Dean.


"Enyia said 'people see an imbalance' between the 81-month sentence for Van Dyke and the 84-year sentence a judge recently gave the man convicted of the murder of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton," the Sun-Times reports.

Enyia's high-minded rhetoric can be maddening - not because it's high-minded, but because it's so stilted and Spock-like. No one objecting to Van Dyke's sentence is going around saying, "I see an imbalance." People are pissed off - angry, outraged, out of their minds, physically nauseated, and even understandably hopeless - at the obvious difference in sentences for black folk and white folk. In 2019, it's still a problem. It's a wonder the city doesn't go up in flames. I want a mayor who, upon hearing the sentence, wanted to put a fist through the wall, and whose first phone calls were to the Laquan McDonald family and everyone else around the case. A mayor who is livid. That's not an unmayoral temperament; it's exactly the mayoral temperament we need.


"Enyia urged people who are 'concerned about how justice is delivered in the city' to go to the polls."

Ugh. You're not helping.


"She pointed out that voters took the rare step of ousting a Cook County judge from office in the last election after a 'massive organizing effort.'"

Funny she didn't cite the massive organizing effort to that removed the Cook County State's Attorney overseeing the Van Dyke-McDonald case from office - perhaps because of Toni Preckwinkle's role in replacing Anita Alvarez with Preckwinkle's candidate Kim Foxx.


The Beachwood McRibTipLine: Seeing imbalance.


Posted on January 23, 2019

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