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The [Wednesday] Papers

1. The Only Honorable Excuse For Attending This Event Is If You Were Wearing A Wire.

"They turned out in mass for [Ald. Ed] Burke's annual holiday fundraiser supporting one of his political committees, just five days after federal investigators raided the alderman's City Hall and 14th Ward offices," the Sun-Times reports.

"Hundreds arrived at the ritzy hotel more than a half hour early to wait in a long receiving line to demonstrate their support for Burke, who already has more than $12 million in the three campaign funds he controls.

"An organizer confirmed more than 1,000 people showed up for the $150-per-ticket affair, their biggest crowd in 10 years - taking in more money at the door than at any previous Burke fundraiser."

The money quote, from a "would-be" judge:

"They're all there: the wannabes, the has-beens, the they-ares and the powers that be. No one stayed away. Loyalty trumps integrity in this town every time."

2. Cubs Trying To Install Their Own Alderman Just Like The Mob Used To.

"Baseball and cold beer were distant dreams on a recent icy afternoon as Ald. Tom Tunney hustled past Wrigley Field, pointing out the several restaurants and bars in the new hotel and office building the Ricketts family, which owns the Chicago Cubs, put up around the stadium's west side," the Tribune reports.

"Workers on cherry pickers rose up along the facade of the ballpark itself, carrying out the latest renovations in a yearslong modernization.

"'When they say I'm standing in their way, all I can say is, Are you kidding?'' Tunney asked, raising his arms to take in the new construction."

It's a credit to Tunney - words I never thought I'd type - that the Cubs see him as such an obstacle to their colonization of an entire Chicago ward. It's a demerit to Tunney that he's already basically given them carte blanche, no matter how much the Cubs (and by the Cubs, I mean the Ricketts family) doth protest. What more could they possibly want, soveriengty?


"While the Cubs owners haven't officially backed a Tunney opponent, they were 'among the funders' of a community organization called Neighbors for a Better Lakeview, which has sent out mailers ripping the alderman for high residential property taxes in the tony lakefront ward, Culloton said.

"And Tunney contends they also are contributing to a political action committee that's hammering him.

"Culloton won't talk about the PAC, but says, 'it has been painful' negotiating with Tunney throughout the development process in and around the park."

You know what? If Culloton won't talk about the PAC, shut down the interview. He gets paid a shit-ton of money to buffalo the press and confuse readers - there's no reason to ever intereview him in the first place. If Tom or Todd or the rest of the family refuses to talk, so be it. "The Ricketts family refused to answer questions about their political machinations, apparently believing it's nobody's business but theirs as to how their business affects the neighborhood and about how they are trying to impact the composition of the city council, which is a matter that goes well beyond their own interests."

3. Grifter Family Dealt Temporary Setback.

"It didn't take long for former Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios' sister and one of his close friends to land new government jobs, though they did have to take a major pay cut," the Tribune reports.

"Carmen Berrios and Victoria LaCalamita started work Monday with the Illinois secretary of state. That office is led by Jesse White, who cut a campaign radio ad for Berrios, the former chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party and an unabashed defender of old-school patronage politics.

"The secretary of state's office, which has around 3,700 jobs, has long been known as a patronage haven under both Democrats and Republicans. The two women will each make $37,992 a year as public service supervisors in the Vehicle Services Department, said Dave Druker, White's spokesman.

"Druker said the two were hired to fill open positions after going through an application process and were 'graded based on experience and training.'"

On one hand, all of Chicago is rolling their collective eyes at the idea that these two went through the application process just like every other jamoke in town. On the other hand, the drop in pay is so severe (from $126,00 and $139,000) that it's almost believable that they got their new jobs on the square.

Their new salaries also tell us just how overpaid they were - on the taxpayers' dime - working for Papa Joe. If there new jobs resulted from the pair being graded on experience and training, as Druker says, what does that tell us about their time in the assessor's office?


"The assessor's decision to put his sister, Carmen, and his son, Joseph, on the payroll in the early days of his tenure drew the attention of the county Board of Ethics, which sought to fine the elder Joseph Berrios $10,000 in 2012.

"A court battle ensued that cost county taxpayers about $300,000 in legal fees. A judge later found that the ethics panel had the authority to investigate the assessor but not to impose fines. The son later left the office.

"In addition, the county ended up shelling out more than $500,000 to 11 people Berrios fired for unlawful political reasons after his election in 2010 as he hired family and friends."

Toni Preckwinkle stuck by Berrios to the bitter end. Now Berrios is stuck to her.


Just how fast was it, though? Perhaps they applied the day after Papa Joe lost his re-election bid. Is a month particularly fast?

4. The Money The Berrios Clan Stole From Taxpayers Vs. The Attempted Theft Of $33 In Underwear That Landed This Man In Prison For 10 Years. Discuss.

"A divided Illinois Appellate Court panel on Tuesday upheld a 10-year prison sentence to an addicted homeless man who had robbed $33 of underwear from a Family Dollar Store in 2015," Injustice Watch reports.

"Appellate Judge Terrence Lavin, writing for himself and Appellate Judge Mary Anne Mason, stated that it is not the job of the appellate court to substitute its judgment for the decision of the trial judge. In this case Circuit Judge Mary Margaret Brosnahan had imposed the harsh sentence on defendant David Lundy, who had 10 prior convictions."

Lavin, Mason and Brosnahan, you are all Today's Worst People In Illinois.


"But in a stinging dissent Appellate Judge Michael B. Hyman wrote that the 'sentence punishes Lundy more for the numerous difficulties brought about by his economic status (impoverished), illness (drug addiction), and condition (homelessness) than for the offense for which he was convicted.'

"Hyman noted that Lundy had committed his most serious offense, robbery and aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, more than 22 years ago. 'Since then, Lundy has been convicted of drug offenses and theft,' he wrote. 'No violent crimes.'"


From commenter Anke Koning:

"Surely the citizens of Illinois would be better off, spending less money, by sending Lundy to drug rehab and subsidized housing."

5. The University Of Chicago Lab School Has Four On-Site Libraries. The University Of Chicago's Public Charter Schools Not So Much.

And: "Only UCW students are specified as being allowed to use any facilities on the University of Chicago campus, according to Dayna Dion, the senior director of national engagement at the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute," the Chicago Maroon reports.



People that live 6" from an L train, how loud is it? Does stuff really fall off the shelves like in the movies? from r/chicago







A sampling.






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Posted on December 5, 2018

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