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The [Wednesday] Papers

"The rolling Stanley Cup party made its last stop for the night Tuesday at a River North bar, where several Blackhawks marked the occasion by spraying the crowd below with champagne and sometimes dropping whole bottles of the stuff down to them," the Tribune reports.

"I saw the Cup! I touched Corey Crawford!" said Angela Filippin, soaking wet outside the Rockit Bar & Grill. "They didn't want me to touch them, it was kind of weird, but I did it."

For godsakes, if they don't want you to touch them, don't touch them!


Here's the Cup at Rockit, captured by our very own Mike Luce:


Everyone wants to track the Cup, which is almost more fun than the actual games.


But let's take that Cup south, boys. After all, #OneCity #OneGoal.


"Remember when a Hawks player could walk anywhere in this city and not be recognized as anything other than a normal human?" Rick Telandersaurus writes for the Sun-Times. (I'm not providing a link; see below.)

"Now, beard or no beard, guys such as Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith and Corey Crawford will be mobbed anywhere. I'm guessing Marian Hossa, Patrick Sharp, Brandon Saad and Andrew 'Scarface'' Shaw can't blend in, either."

Really? How many people would know it if Marian Hossa or Brandon Saad were standing next to them on the train?


The main point of Telander's column, though, is that we Chicagoans now have the right to gloat because the city has been home to 10 championships since 1990. Well, yes. We were fortunate enough to live through Michael Jordan's Bulls, and now these Blackhawks. The only other championship was the 2005 White Sox.

So it's not like we're killing it across the board.

Also, why does that give us gloating rights? WE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Oh sure, we cheered. Watched on TV. Bought tickets - at least those who could afford to. But "we" are spectators, nothing more. Not that there's anything wrong with that - there's not! But c'mon, let's not get confused. These teams would have won whether Rick Telander lived here or in Minsk.


I'd love to now bring you some recent news reporting from the Sun-Times, but it still FREEZES THE FUCK OUT OF MY BROWSER AND FUCKS MY SHIT UP. I've complained about this for, well, years now, and I'm not alone, according to sources close to Google.

I made the mistake of giving the website another chance this morning and I lived to regret it as I punished myself by pounding my head into the wall yelling "Sneeeeeed! She still has a job! Sneeeeeed!" So until further notice, if it appears in the Sun-Times it simply isn't news.


Here's another media complaint: I can't listen to local sports radio anymore. First, Dan Bernstein is insufferable. And I used to be a big fan. About 15 years or so ago, when I was at Chicago magazine, I included him in a "Best of" issue as the best in local sports radio. Now I'm embarrassed about that because he's turned into such a pompous ass. In other words, what Lynn Pounian says.

His partner, Terry Boers, brings nothing to the table.

I generally like Matt Spiegel, but he's now been reduced to a supporting player on The Jason Goff Show. Goff is talented, and might be fun to listen to in the evening - and not just talking about sports - but he's totally overbearing and self-involved for a morning sports show in which I'd like to hear the other guy talk and not have him hijack every conversation and turn into something about him.

The morning guys, Mike Mulligan and Brian Hanley, are meh. Hanley, in particular, is kind of like the Alan Colmes of sports radio.

And David Kaplan on WGN-AM? Sorry, I don't find a 14-year-old fanboy interesting.

I don't even know if that other channel/show with Harry Teinowitz exists.

It's too bad, because I like sports radio. I think it's mostly gotten a bum rap - mostly because a lot of people seemed to think it all sounded like Mike North. Not so. But I increasingly find myself not only listening to national shows, but to sports radio in other cities via iTunes.


I think this is a pitch: What's Wrong With Chicago Sports Radio. Hit me up.


And by the way, I know a lot of folks loved Doug Buffone, and may he rest in peace, but it really stopped being funny after the first three minutes of every Bears loss. Plus, the fact that he loved the Bears so much was not an admirable quality; it only marked him as an immature oaf, with all due respect.




Fire David Brooks
"Factual discrepancies in the NYT columnist's new book raise some alarming questions about his research & methods," Salon reports. (h/t: Tim Willette)

"In 1950 the Gallup Organization asked high school seniors 'Are you a very important person?" And in 1950, 12 percent of high school seniors said yes. They asked the same question again in 2006; this time it wasn't 12 percent, it was 80 percent."

Notes Tim: "Problem was, the 'same question' was asked in 1989, not 2006. But that messes up his 'What's with these kids today' argument . . . "

My response: "Not a new problem."


Then again, Mike Barnicle still gets work. And don't get me started on Doris Kearns Goodwin and Malcolm Gladwell.

Then there are our local journalism miscreants. You know who most of them are - though certainly not all; the problem runs far deeper than you might imagine. Journalism is in the business of holding other people accountable. But it has no interest in accountability within its own ranks, and it drives me absolutely batty.

Free Congressional Research Now!
"'Congressional Research Belongs to the Public,' declared a New York Times editorial today, and it is 'absurd' that Congress would place any obstacles in the way of public access to Congressional Research Service reports, which provide impartial analyses of current policy issues," Steven Aftergood writes for Secrecy News.

"Yet such obstacles continue to exist, and most CRS reports are not publicly disclosed by Congress."

Click through for the rest - and yes, Aftergood meant Mike Quigley, not Martin.

Fantasy Fix: Billyball
A steal.

Tonight! OpenGov Criminal Justice
From Tracy Siska of the Chicago Justice Project:

At their meetup tonight CJP will be presenting on our ongoing engagement with the Office of the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Timothy Evans. CJP's engagement is seeking to open access to all the data created by the Court since they started collecting the data in the 1980s (the courts have told CJP they started collecting data either in 1980 or 1988). This means that when approved CJP would receive about 30 years of Court data. CJP requested all the data maintained by the Clerk's Office on each criminal case filed, appropriately de-identified. To give you some idea how much data we are talking about here are some facts about the Cook County Justice System:
  • The Circuit Court of Cook County is the largest unified court system in the US
  • The Cook County State's Attorney's Office is the largest prosecutors office in the US
  • The Cook County Jail is the largest jail in the country

This is not a onetime release! CJP is seeking an agreement that would require regular updates of court data be released on an ongoing basis moving forward removing all the current barriers to this data.

Click through to register.


World Class Rally





* Shirtless Johnny Oduya As Shiny As The Stanley Cup.

* Chicago Police Review Authority Doesn't Want Accountability Forum On TV.


A sampling.




The Beachwood Tip Line: Shitty Lite.


Posted on June 17, 2015

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