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The [Tuesday] Papers

"Gov. Bruce Rauner on Monday vetoed legislation that would have applied many workplace anti-discrimination requirements to businesses with a single employee or more," the Tribune reports.

The governor said the existing threshold of applying the rules to businesses with 15 workers or more was consistent with federal law.

"This longstanding and well-reasoned threshold balances the need to foster fair, equitable and harassment-free workplaces across the state with the lopsided burden that discrimination claims impose upon small businesses and startups" as compared with large businesses, Rauner said in his veto message.

State Rep. Will Guzzardi, a Chicago Democrat and the bill's sponsor, criticized Rauner's veto, saying on Twitter that his legislation "would have made discrimination illegal in every workplace in Illinois."

"Right now if you work at a job with (less than) 15 employees, state law doesn't protect you from discrimination by age, gender, religion, etc.," Guzzardi wrote.

The measure passed with 64 House votes and 33 Senate votes, shy of the number that would be needed to override a veto.

If I'm an employer, I might be encouraged to discriminate against hiring a 15th employee!


You can see who voted which way here - click on third readings.

Therapy Game-Changer
"Typically patients with OCD see a therapist once a week for an hour over several months, but this program consists of two-hour group meetings three times a week, plus up to four additional hours of individual therapy per week. Some patients complete the treatment in just two weeks," the New York Times reports.

The program, which began in 2016, is part of a new wave of concentrated, intensive therapy programs for psychiatric disorders. The Child Mind Institute in New York launched a two-day "boot camp" for teens with social anxiety last year. The Houston O.C.D. Program in Texas operated its first weeklong treatment program for adolescents during spring break for local schools.

In Atlanta, Emory University is in its third year of a two-week therapy program for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, funded by the Wounded Warrior Project. Similar offerings for veterans are now available at U.C.L.A. Health in California, Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

The approach is gaining popularity in part because of new research showing that for both adults and children, the concentrated approach is generally just as effective, and in some ways more effective, as treatment that is spread out over several months.

I've always said I wanted to see a therapist and, instead of going once a week for a year or however long it took me to get to everything, just spew out the entirety of my issues over a couple days and be done with it in a week. That should be the new model, people!

The River Trump
"Trump International Hotel & Tower is endangering fish and other aquatic life in the Chicago River, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan alleges in a new lawsuit targeting the president's skyscraper for multiple violations of clean water laws," the Tribune reports.

"The president's glass-and-steel skyscraper is one of the city's largest users of river water for its cooling systems, siphoning nearly 20 million gallons a day through intakes so powerful the machines could fill an Olympic swimming pool in less than an hour, then pumping the water back into the river up to 35 degrees hotter.

"Madigan's lawsuit, filed late Monday in Cook County Circuit Court, accuses building managers of failing to meet several requirements in a state permit intended to limit the number of fish pinned against intake screens or killed by sudden changes in pressure and temperature.

"Trump Tower also failed to properly renew its permit and has been operating the building's massive cooling system unlawfully for nearly a year, according to the lawsuit."

Wait, what? Is that impeachable?


Omarosa had no comment.

Fatal Wilmette Harbor Explosion
"The investigation continues into the Wilmette Harbor boat explosion that left a 67-year-old Arlington Heights man dead and another injured Saturday," ABC7 Chicago reports.

"According to police, the two men were refueling the two-engine boat just before the explosion at approximately 8 a.m. at the Sheridan Shores Yacht Club.

"The driver started one engine, but the second engine misfired and started on a second attempt. According to investigators, the boat exploded upon that second attempt.

"Police said the explosion appears to be accidental."


"The Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the state fire marshal's office are investigating," the Tribune reports.

Montgomery's Anger
"My anger began in law school where my white colleagues treated me as a non-person who had nothing to contribute in after class discussions," famed Chicago attorney James D. Montgomery Sr. tells N'Digo's Hermene Hartman.

"That anger pervaded my life for years. It is an anger born of racism and white supremacy. I found it unbearable then as I do now. Anger is a disabling emotion. It became my comfort level and impacted important family and other relationships. Fortunately, with therapy, I am not as angry as I once was."

As my late great friend Blaise Schweitzer would say, though, sometimes anger is the correct response.


Montgomery, who represented the Blackstone Rangers:

"The gang problem is a by-product of the evils of white supremacy. Lack of equal opportunities, lack of self-esteem, the destruction of the black family unit all conjoin to perpetuate the gang problem. Government policies condone and create these outcomes. We tend to blame the victim and ignore the role of the victimizer."


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Those teenage shooters are victims too.


New on the Beachwood . . .

The Weekend In Chicago Rock
Featuring: Tacocat, Chloe x Halle, Dead to Fall, The Recall, Book of Love, Mikey Classic, Old Grand Dad, October Bird of Death, Fishgutzzz, Tower of Power, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, and OneRepublic.




My friend's artwork was stolen from her opening exhibition at AMAF gallery in Pilsen last night. If anyone has seen these hammers around, let me know. Thank you! from r/chicago





South Shore Drill Team Alum Taz.



A New Photo Exhibit Brings #MeToo To Gallery Walls In Evanston.


A sampling.




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Posted on August 14, 2018

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