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The [Tuesday] Papers

The Papers will return on Thursday.


An e-mail I sent to a friend this morning:

"I watched about 2/3 of the debate at Little Mel's hot dog stand. My impression was quite different than what I've returned to in my Twitter feed. It sounds like Trump made some big mistakes that I missed, but Dems are fooling themselves if they think he wasn't effective and HRC wasn't a bit of a stiff. Not like it will change anybody's minds, and she was obviously right on facts and temperament, but Trump showed a little something in how direct he is and how he doesn't engage in politispeak, even if he speaks like a child. Just sayin' . . . I don't really rate it as a clear win for anyone."

After reading his response and some of the coverage, I added this:

"Im getting the sense from the coverage that he went downhill and even nutsier after I stopped watching . . . once they were done with criminal justice and turning to ISIS, I balied. It sounds like he unraveled, so my observations are incomplete at best.

"But yes, I would describe HRC's performance just as you did . . . super typical pol, but competently legitimately presidential."

For example, I missed the whole Miss Universe thing.

"Yeah, I missed that. Now I feel bad, I came home and told the Blue Ribbon Glee Club, who were practicing at our place, that we're doomed. They're probably reading the reports today and wondering what the fuck I was talking about. I thought he was factually wrong and rambling, but I thought up to the point I saw he seemed like a man of action who hit her on NAFTA and how she'd been there for 30 years and every policy proposal she spoke of he'd just go, 'Just words. All words. No action. It'll never happen.' I thought that was effective to people who aren't like us. And I thought she passed a lot of openings, including on the birther thing."

Most of the media, as well as political professionals and the national security and financial establishments, know that Trump is a crazy man. Trump's debate performance wasn't much different than the nightly campaign performances he's been giving for months. But now that he's done it before a national TV audience, the political-media complex feels free and more unconstrained than ever to really let loose. It's comfort to like-minded folks, but it's a little late and unlikely to persuade very many of the remaining undecided voters. Someone the other day, a David Plouffe-type, if not him (I couldn't locate the source this morning, but it's real) said that at this point, the election is about mobilization, not persuasion. I agree. This election is mostly about turning out as many blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, women, Jews, Muslims, Millennials, progressives, and members of every other group threatened by Trump vs. mostly uneducated older white men. It's a turnout election. Facts, policy, experience - none of that matters, though Trump's approach to each ratchets up the intensity on both sides.

But maybe I'm being too apologetic for my initial, incomplete reaction:



"Trump looked presidential."

Plus, no one has run as negative a presidential campaign in modern history, if ever, than Donald Trump. But the hypnotized never lie.


During the debate, he said "That's because I'm smart."

Wealthy people will always find ways around the tax code. There's no way to make it airtight, unless we really did make tax forms the size of a postcard - no deductions for anything. No provisions for various circumstances, investments, type of income and so on. Otherwise, we depend on patriotic, moral folk to abide by the spirit of the law, because the letter of the law can never be sufficient. It has nothing to do with being smart.


I'd allow for this being a genuine mistake anyone could make confusing network polls if Trump didn't have a record of making shit up every single day.


Normally I'd be loathe to depend on a corporation for a fact-check, but Trump has been telling this lie for a long time, and it's also extraordinary that a corporation is fact-checking a Republican nominee.

Related: WSJ: No Fortune 100 CEOs Back Republican Donald Trump.


Never forget.


Trump And The Return Of Seditious Libel
"This year, for the first time since at least Richard Nixon, the leader of one of our major political parties has pledged to limit press freedom by restricting criticism of his prospective rule."


Chicago Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Protest
"The Chicago rally is part of a global day of action spearheaded by, an international network of patients and allies empowering each other to fight for health equality for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

"The event aims to bring attention to the #MillionsMissing around the world who suffer from the disease with little hope for improvement, lacking a clear cause of their disease or path to treatment."


This (poorly named) disease is no joke - it's very real. Knowing someone who suffers from a constellation of health issues including chronic fatigue, I can tell you that research, investment, care, education and support are sorely lacking. It's truly heartbreaking.


"Chicago mother Amy Mooney will talk about how her 11-year-old daughter has been robbed of her childhood by ME spending 90 percent of her days in a dark room in pain, and missing her 4th, 5th and 6th grade education."

Click through for details.


Unelectable Corbyn Elected Again
Who decides who is electable? We do, the media.


Kick-Ass Chinese Lanterns In Milwaukee
"After passing through the Welcome Gate, visitors may find that each display is more magical than the last."

Billed as the first festival of its kind in the Midwest.


The Weekend In Chicago Rock
Featuring: Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, Common, Aloha, ADT, Revolting Cocks, The Roots, Demolition Hammer, Cubanate, Cactus, Bear's Den, The Vibrators, Human Being, Flabby Hike, Fire-Toolz, moe, El Famous, Quicksails, XIII, Sabla, Between the Buried and Me, Fallujah, Pretty Lights, Lake Street Dive, Anderson East, Devin Townsend, Blood Orange, Amazing Heeby Jeebies, The Screamin' End, Gaby Moreno, Mike Peters, The Slackers, The Concrete Roots, and Stryper.


I'm told by a person of quality musical taste who was there that the Chance the Rapper show was profound.


From the Beachwood sports desk . . .

Tweeting The Bears
A reason to watch.


So, our very own Jim Coffman, Marty Gangler and Roger Wallenstein were all baffled, confused and/or angry with the David Ross retirement festivities over the weekend. Not me! I thought it was great. But I'm in the minority on that around here.

SportsMonday: Grandpa Rossy vs. Grandpa Bears
"All this Grandpa Rossy garbage, what is the matter with us?"

The Cub Factor: Grandpa Rossy vs. Hank White
"I had to double check this just to be correct, but he's only been a Cub since 2015. That's last year."

The White Sox Report: Venerating Vin
He rooted for baseball, not the Dodgers.

(Roger made his feelings about the Ross thing known via e-mail; he's with Jim and Marty.)



More Evil Record Label Shit.


More Evil HP Shit.


The Tribune's Greg Kot Delivers One Of The Best Reviews Of Bruce Springsteen's New Book.


Wells Fargo Loan Officer Describes Fraudulent, Criminal Culture


A non-Trump, non-debate sampling.




The Beachwood Tronc Line: Monetize me.


Posted on September 27, 2016

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