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The [Tuesday] Papers

"The new boss of the Chicago FBI has not only investigated his fair share of public corruption but also has literally written the agency's book on it," the Tribune reports.

"In 2003, while supervising investigations into public corruption and government fraud for the Washington field office, Michael Anderson rewrote the bureau's Public Corruption Field Guide, the operations manual for running a corruption probe. In his climb up the ranks, the 20-year FBI veteran has led investigations into super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and government fraud surrounding that city's reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina.

"Anderson, 48, will take over as special agent in charge of the Chicago FBI in mid-October after serving three years as the head of the bureau's New Orleans division, according to the FBI. He succeeds Robert Holley, who retired last month after less than two years in the post."

Yeah, that seemed like a weird deal having been on the job for such a relatively short period of time, but I think he had reached the FBI's mandatory retirement age of 57, though it doesn't appear it was ever reported that way.

Which also means it makes sense that Holley only retired from the FBI, not from work.

"Holley has accepted a position at Discover Financial Services and will be a part of its Global Security Team," the Tribune reported just last month.

As far as the new guy goes, let's hope this passage from when he first got the job in New Orleans isn't hyperbolic:

"Michael Anderson has a thing for crooked politicians. Just look at the walls of his office at the FBI's Lakefront headquarters, which are festooned with mementos of celebrated corruption cases: Framed posters of All the President's Men and Serpico. A Time magazine cover about the Abscam sting, which netted five congressmen and one U.S senator. Rolling Stone bidding adieu to the 'worst Congress ever.' Signed original political cartoons mocking lobbyist-gone-bad Jack Abramoff and one of his co-conspirators, former U.S. Rep. Bob Ney."

Welcome to town, Michael. Go get 'em.

Cop Shop
"After 29 disciplinary investigations, multiple suspensions and four arrests by his own department, Richard A. Rizzo has been fired as a Chicago cop," the Sun-Times reports.

That's a helluva lead.

"The Chicago Police Board voted 8-0 Thursday night to fire Rizzo for failing to secure his police 9mm Ruger handgun on Dec. 2, 2012, when his girlfriend threw the weapon onto Cicero Avenue during an argument at a gas station in Burbank after a Toys for Tots motorcycle parade.

"Rizzo's lengthy disciplinary record and rap sheet also played a role in his firing, according to police board records released Friday."

I would think. But what took so long?

Rizzo's "disregard for public safety, taken together with his four previous disciplinary suspensions (one-day, ten-day and thirty-day suspensions) for off-duty domestic altercations, and a fifteen-day suspension for insubordination), are sufficiently serious to constitute a substantial shortcoming that renders his continuance in his office detrimental to the discipline and efficiency of the Chicago Police Department," wrote Fredrick Bates, a police board hearing officer.

Rizzo, 46, couldn't be reached for comment.

He didn't attend two police board hearings on the case, so he never mounted a defense.

Between 2005 and 2011, Rizzo was arrested four times on charges including battery, aggravated assault with a handgun and child endangerment. But the police department never attempted to fire him. Instead, police superintendents Phil Cline and Garry McCarthy suspended Rizzo between one and 30 days for various infractions.

Go read the rest of it - and then wonder what Cline and especially McCarthy have to say for themselves.


Speaking of the police board, here's exciting news:

Join us at Revolution Brewery for the release of our ground breaking new website dedicated to making Chicago’s police...

Posted by Chicago Justice Project on Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Koschman Cops
Speaking of holding police officers accountable . . .

"Now that Nanci Koschman has settled her last legal claim over her son David Koschman's death, one question still unsettled is whether anyone from the Chicago Police Department will face any punishment over the handling of the politically explosive case," the Sun-Times reports.

"So far, not a single police officer has faced even a reprimand in the two years since special prosecutor Dan K. Webb concluded his investigation into Koschman's death and into the police department's failure to seek criminal charges against Mayor Richard M. Daley's nephew for throwing the punch that killed Koschman 11 years ago."

Eleven years ago - and the obfuscation continues.

"At Mayor Rahm Emanuel's direction, police Supt. Garry McCarthy asked City Hall Inspector General Joseph Ferguson to investigate and recommend whether anyone from the department should be fired or otherwise disciplined.

"But two police unions - representing sergeants and lieutenants - filed grievances that have stalled Ferguson's investigation since last October, and all six cops [whom special prosecutor Dan Webb considered charging] remain on the job."

Oh, but that's not all:

"Three hold high-ranking positions under McCarthy: Area North Deputy Chief of Patrol Dean Andrews, Area South detective Cmdr. Joseph Salemme and Lt. Denis Walsh, who supervises detectives on the North Side."

That's Denis "Schrodinger's Files" Walsh.

Click through to the Sun-Times story for more on what is - and isn't - going on.


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An impeachable breach of the Constitution. And yet, Obama's been far worse.

Posted by The Beachwood Reporter on Monday, September 21, 2015




"Many lonely people wish they had social plans or a bigger network of friends to call upon. But sometimes, even when...

Posted by The Beachwood Reporter on Monday, September 21, 2015



A sampling.




The Beachwood Tip Line: Data rates may apply.


Posted on September 22, 2015

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