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The [Tuesday] Papers

1. One-Fourth Of Chicago Home Borrowers Under Water.

"At 25.1 percent, Chicago's rate of 'negative equity' was third-highest among major U.S. cities, according to Zillow, an online real estate marketplace. The area was behind only Las Vegas, at 26.4 percent, and Atlanta, at 26.1 percent."

2. Former GOP Nominee For Governor Wants To Privatize Illinois' Public Universities.

Perhaps he should privatize himself.

3. Man Gets 16 Years To Life For Killing Former White Sox Outfielder.

"A 33-year-old man has been sentenced to 16 years to life in prison for killing a former Major League Baseball outfielder at a homeless encampment . . .

"[Rodney] Craig played parts of four seasons, from 1979 to 1986, for the Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox. He was the first player to sign and be developed by the Mariners who reached the majors.

"It is unclear how and when Craig ended up living on the streets of downtown L.A."

Truth be told, he only had 10 at-bats for the White Sox. They were the last 10 at-bats in his major league career.

4. Good News For 'Cue.

"Excess meat supply means grocers will have to significantly cut product prices to consumers for the coming spring grilling season, said Chicago-based Allendale Inc chief strategist Rich Nelson."

5. Orange Juice Futures Enter Bull Market Territory.

"Jack Scoville, vice president of Price Futures Group in Chicago said in a note . . . that the demand for orange juice just isn't there."

6. The White Sox Report: Enter Courtney Hawkins.

A spring training report from Arizona.

7. Male Nurses Scarce, But Make More Money Than Women.

"Even in an occupation that women overwhelmingly dominate, they still earn less than men, a study of nurses found."

8. Deerfield Has An Elected Library Board.

This is a subtweet.

9. Why Is Chuy So Happy?

"The West Loop campaign headquarters of mayoral candidate Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia has some fun touches, like the 'emergency mustache' box - 'You never know when you might need one' - and the supporter's painting of Garcia as Superman propped up next to the basket of neighbor-baked banana muffins, each individually wrapped and stamped with a different Chuy-licious, go-get-'em message.

"But there is not much private meeting space in the converted restaurant, where several dozen brown, black and white volunteers of all ages are online and on the phone on Garcia's behalf in the final days ahead of the April 7 runoff. And this, too, the candidate's friend and three-time former campaign manager, Chicago Alderman Ricardo Munoz, blames on the current mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

'"Nobody wanted to rent to us,' says Munoz, who'd volunteered to find his former mentor, now a Cook County commissioner, the right HQ. Owners really feared the wrath of Rahmbo more than an empty building? 'It's the Chicago way,' he says mildly. 'Happens all the time.'"

Welcome to Chicago, Melinda Henneberger.


"On the airwaves that Emanuel's campaign and the PAC that supports him are indeed blanketing, the anti-Garcia commercials would be almost comical if viewers could see the small-print disclaimers: That raise Garcia voted himself, because he's 'out for himself, not us,'' was as a member of the state senate, in 1998. And his support for the 'biggest property tax increase ever' was as an alderman in 1987, when the city was on the brink of bankruptcy. Then as now, tough choices were the only choice."

Also: Chuy Had Dinner With Newark Mayor On Monday Night.

10. Our Kind Of Town.

"Today, parents, early childhood workers, elected officials and community leaders held a press conference outside of Loop Capital Markets on LaSalle Street, to react to a new report by the ReFund America Project at the Roosevelt Institute, Our Kind of Town: A Financial Plan that Puts Chicago's Communities First.

"The report pushes back against the austerity agenda being pursued by Mayor Emanuel and the credit rating agencies on Wall Street, which recently downgraded the credit rating of the city and Chicago Public Schools, triggering hundreds of millions in possible taxpayer handouts to banks.

"It lays out specific immediately actionable and long-term policy proposals for getting Chicago's finances back on track without unconstitutional grabs at retiree pensions, cuts to vital services, and toxic bank fees and payouts."


* The True And Horrible Story Of The Indiana Women's Prison.

* Ex-New York Times Energy Reporter Joins Nuclear Energy Lobbying Group.

I'm surprised and disheartened by the mild reaction to this; I'm always disappointed when journalists go into PR, which is essentially what he's doing as an industry advocate (he'll be involved in "strategic planning"). If you must leave the industry, there is a whole world of career options out there; why choose the one most diametrically opposed to the values and principles of journalism? "I'm in the truth business, but I'm thinking of getting into the lying business instead. Pays better."

Also, it tells you something about what kind of reporter a person was. In this case, the reporter was someone completely agreeable to the industry he covered! A guy who never gave them too much of a problem and won't have trouble adjusting to his new role.

By the way, Wald was known as "the dean of the energy press corps."

* Chicago-Based Wilson To Buy Louisville Slugger For $70 Million.

And if you do have to go into PR, or lobbying or whatever, at least go do it for a baseball bat company or something like that, not the frickin' Nuclear Energy Institute. Sheesh.

* As A Silence Falls On Chicago Trading Pits, A Working-Class Portal Also Closes.

Interesting angle. Plus, open outcry - you had to love it.

* FAA: South Suburban Airport Impact On O'Hare, Midway Minimal.

Longest airport approval process ever. (Thanks to Richard M. Daley, and now Rahm Emanuel.)


See also: Save Lives, Build An Airport.

* Taco Bell's Waffle Taco Is Dead.

Nothing good lasts, and that's one of my big problems with this world.


A sampling.

This is the first of a series of tweets about my early inspirations and journalism heroes. Find the rest at @BeachwoodReport.




Unite Here Local 1 is inexplicably backing Rahm. Then again, not inexplicable - just enormously cynical. And naive. The worst combination of attributes besides arrogance and ignorance.


A roundup for folks who aren't on Twitter - or at least those who don't follow Chicago's best education sources, which have been documenting the hell out of this straight from the field.



The Beachwood Tip Line: Get Tip Line tenured.


Posted on March 24, 2015

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