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The [Tuesday] Papers

"A ProPublica examination shows that officials in scores of school districts do not know the status of their desegregation orders, have never read them, or erroneously believe that orders have been ended. In many cases, orders have gone unmonitored, sometimes for decades, by the federal agencies charged with enforcing them."

This is a highly recommend, remarkable piece of work - particularly so here in Chicago though most of it takes place in the South.

While not entirely on point, it's hard to read this story and not recall that a federal judge lifted the desegregation decree governing CPS in 2009 - at the request of Mayor Richard M. Daley - especially against the backdrop of what we learned last week about our selective enrollment high schools.

It's even more remarkable given the response of the Obama administration (reminder: Obama is black):

The [U.S. Department of Justice] would not allow its officials to be interviewed for this article. And it refused to respond to a dozen written questions concerning how it monitors, enforces and litigates desegregation cases.

A department spokeswoman sent a one-paragraph response that said the department will "continue to use all tools available to ensure equal educational opportunities for all students."

The U.S. Department of Education, whose Office of Civil Rights also is charged with monitoring desegregation efforts, would not allow its officials to be interviewed.

The agency initially refused to provide a list of desegregation plans that it oversees, saying in an e-mail that "students and communities feel sensitivity" about being categorized by race and by the fact that their schools remain "subject to ongoing legal oversight regarding desegregation obligations."

A few days later, after ProPublica said it would push for the information, the press secretary for Education Secretary Arne Duncan said the agency could provide a list, but required time because officials needed to "do some final checks on our end to be sure everything is correct." Two weeks later, ProPublica has not yet received the list.

Maybe Bruce Rauner could give him a call for us.

The Dorothy Brown Show
"Cook County Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown had a direct managerial role in a not-for-profit group that got an anti-violence grant from Gov. Pat Quinn's now-disbanded Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, state records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times show," the paper reports.

That sounds about right.

Next city/county officeholder besides Berrios likely to be indicted in descending order: Dorothy Brown, Karen Yarbrough, Stanley Moore, Maria Pappas.

Back to the Sun-Times:

"The group, Dream Catchers Community Development Corp., was founded by Brown's husband, Benton Cook III. It was asked to return unexpended grant money after having its contract terminated in 2011 by Chicago Area Project, a larger not-for-profit that had been overseeing organizations that had received money through the Quinn anti-violence initiative.

"Dream Catchers was supposed to be paid as much as $10,000 by Chicago Area Project to distribute anti-violence literature between February 2011 and November 2011.

"The group initially was awarded $3,333 of the $10,000. But Chicago Area Project ended the deal after only a few months, in May 2011, saying it learned of the potential conflict of interest posed by Cook also being paid tens of thousands of dollars by Chicago Area Project to oversee other Neighborhood Recovery Initiative programs.

"On March 26, 2012, Chicago Area Project asked for $1,797 in unexpended state grant money to be returned from Cook's organization. Dream Catchers complied in early April of that year."

So it's not a lot of money, but it is pretty greasy.


The Brown link?

A February 2012 "closeout" report turned over to the now-disbanded Illinois Violence Prevention Authority bears Brown's signature, listing her as Dream Catchers' "fiscal manager."


Also noting: Dorothy Brown Issues Press Release On Official Letterhead Slamming Sun-Times For Exposing Huge Raises To Five Favorites.

Sacrifice Bunt
I was just saying (starting at 7:12) that if the mayor was caught speeding, it'd be huge news to the local press corps, but when the mayor breaks the law by violating the Freedom Of Information Act, it's largely written off as "inside baseball."

There's never an egg timer around when you need it.


Reference point: American President.

The Real American President
Importing war criminals while deporting war heroes.

Sponsors Snub Cubs, Sox
Fail to land sponsor for Crosstown Classic.

We have some suggestions:

* Sponsored by Rahm Emanuel, because he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

* Sponsored by Michael Jordan, because both sides of town buy shoes.

* Sponsored by The Combine, because they win no matter who wins.

Traveling Salesmen & Hoookers
When the Cubs go on the road, it must be like the flea market coming to town. In The Cub Factor.

Michael Jackson's Chicago
Plus: Zakk's Axe Is Back & Wayne "The Train" Hancock Is Derailed. In Local Music Notebook.

Her White Chicago Friends
Plus: Michael Jordan's Fucked-Up Family & StudsFest.

The (Monster) Weekend In Chicago Rock
Featuring: M.I.A., Lawrence Peters Outfit, Protomartyr, These New Puritans, Murder by Death, Andre Williams, Aretha Franklin, Shlomo Artzi, A Minor Forest, Amy Ray, Tall Walker, Mighty Fox, The Steel Wheels, Alice Smith, Charlie Parr, Ich Troje, Turisas, Korpiklaani, Malas, Sadistic Intent, A Friend Called Fire, Kid Ink, Tomorrow Kings, The Ivorys, and Friends of the Universe.

And on the heels of this? Forget it.

The Hits Keep Coming
New batting coach Todd Steverson's job is safe - for now. In The White Sox Report.

Now With Show Notes!
The Beachwood Radio Hour #5: Lost Faith In A Ruined Sport.

Featuring: White Parents Don't Send Their Kids To Chicago Public Schools. Xerox Is Watching You. Remembering DJ Rashad. The Consterning Case Of Chicago's Best (14-Year-Old) Rapper. Our Magic City Council. Chicago Newsroom vs. Chicagoland.

Honorary Mention: Dick Mell and Patti Blagojevich doing what they do.

Music: Yo La Tengo, Sons of Hippies, When Wealthy Fell, I Am Icarus, Eleven Fifty Two.



Beachwood International with The Angry Aussie No. 12: The Hippest Trip Around The Globe.

This week: Rob Ford in Chicago. Gerry Adams in the dock. The Ukraine on the edge. The election in India that America is ignoring. So you think you're better than Donald Sterling. Mel Reynolds: The Movie. Blame it on Rio.

Will return next week when our very own Jim "Coach" Coffman returns to the country from a top-secret mission involving imported beer.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Blame it on Dio.


Posted on May 6, 2014

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