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The [Tuesday] Papers

The Papers is away on business today but will return tomorrow.

But please enjoy:

* Chicagoetry: Death of a Blind Woman's Cat (Free Sons).

* When The U.S. Kills Innocent Yemenis.


The [Monday] Papers
"As Mayor Rahm Emanuel rolls out his long-delayed speed camera plan, new numbers his office released suggest that drivers who speed in Chicago could rack up way more in fines than a cash-starved City Hall initially projected," the Tribune reports.

"The mayor had hoped to bring in $30 million this year. But results from a monthlong test of the automated camera system indicate the city could reap well into the hundreds of millions of dollars in the program's first year."

Well, as I've suggested before, we should all not speed just out of spite.


"City transportation officials argue that estimate is overblown, but the test period statistics the mayor's office released Friday reinvigorated critics who argue that the program is more of a cash grab than the child safety measure Emanuel sold it as."

I'm not sure that logic tracks. If tests reveal that Chicagoans speed - and near parks and schools - far more than was thought, wouldn't that strengthen the argument that safety is paramount?

Or maybe the idea is that City Hall knew all along how much money they could rake in, though a spokesman for the vendor said that "[E]veryone was shocked at the numbers."

Not that I buy safety as Rahm's true motive, but it might be more of a happy coincidence than us critics foresaw.

Now, how about all that money goes to neighborhoods schools?

Beautiful Losers
"In just the month of June, the regulars at Jesters in Waukegan lost more than $70,000 playing video poker and slot machines," the Sun-Times reports.

Which is just what the State of Illinois wants - they want citizens to lose their money. The more the better.

Passage Play
"Under pressure from parents and the vendors hired to handle the program, Chicago Public Schools on Friday released Safe Passage routes to new schools for the thousands of children affected by school closings," the Tribune reports.

"CPS released the routes a day after the Chicago Tribune reported that the Safe Passage plans were incomplete less than three weeks before school starts Aug. 26."

From that article:

"Training for Safe Passage workers, originally targeted by CPS for this week, is now set to begin next Thursday, and the routes will be made public by then, district spokeswoman Becky Carroll said."

Magically, the day after that story the Sun-Times got an "exclusive look" (see the item Safe Passageway) at the routes.

The one area where CPS excels at transparency is their PR. And shame on the Sun-Times for playing along.

Obama Continues To Lie His Ass Off About The NSA
But don't take it from me - take it from them.

The Four Bears Fallacies
As discerned by our very own Jim "Coach" Coffman in SportsMonday.

Please Do Not Be Stupid
Stan Lee is watching. Chicago Comic Con 2013.

The Weekend In Chicago Rock
Cooling down.

Including: Swamp Heat, Departure, Volto, the Gipsy Kings, and Chick Corea.

True Life: She Lived In The Projects
Whatever became of Vikki from Chicago?

Losing Below Replacement
Worst lineup ever better than the regulars. In The Cub Factor.

Catching A Second Wind
Let's look ahead because the Sox past is finished and the present is, how shall I say, dismal. In The White Sox Report.

KFC Smuggler's Blues
Plus Cod Blood Cockle Week. In the Random Food Report.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Cackles and cockles.


Posted on August 13, 2013

MUSIC - Madonna vs. Moderna.
TV - Sundays With The Military-Industrial Complex.
POLITICS - Private Equity In The ER.
SPORTS - Suspicious Betting Trends In Soccer.

BOOKS - China Holding Swedish Publisher.


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