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The [Tuesday] Papers

"The embattled United Neighborhood Organization announced steps Tuesday its leaders hope will win the resumption of tens of millions of dollars in state funding for construction of a charter high school on the Southwest Side," the Sun-Times reports.

"Juan Rangel, UNO's $250,000-a-year chief executive officer, said he is stepping down from the boards that oversee UNO and its charter-school network, which is the biggest in Illinois, but will stay on as CEO."

So he's still in charge.

"UNO is overhauling its board and turning over construction of the new school to an outsider to oversee.

"I am here today to apologize," Rangel said at a news conference to announce the changes. "I have failed.

"It has become clear to me that I failed to exercise proper oversight. For these failures, I am deeply sorry, and I take full responsibility."

To the contrary, Juan. You didn't fail - you succeeded all too well.

But every once in a while in Illinois, be it the governor, a congressman or an alderman (never a Chicago mayor), somebody has to be sacrificed to the gods of damage control and public relations to keep the system going.

"Gov. Pat Quinn had suspended all remaining payments from a $98 million school construction grant after the Chicago Sun-Times reported that $8.5 million of the state funding went to companies owned by two brothers of Miguel d'Escoto, a top UNO executive who resigned his $200,000-a-year post in the wake of the stories.

Hiring the d'Escoto brothers' companies was "simply not appropriate," Rangel said. "It smacks of nepotism."

It not only smacks of nepotism, it is nepotism. And this morning's little piece of theater would have us believe that Rangel simply didn't realize at the time that it not only looked foul, but was foul - even though he's defended just that sort of practice for years.

This one's for you, Juan.


"Beside leaving his posts on the two UNO boards, Rangel also is stepping down from the board of the Public Building Commission of Chicago, which oversees construction of public schools, police and fire stations and other public buildings. Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed Rangel to the PBC board soon after being elected mayor in 2011. Rangel served as co-chairman of his mayoral election campaign."

Gee that looks like nepotism, too. After all, Rangel is like a son to Rahm.


"UNO also announced an overhaul of its board, which will be headed by Martin Cabrera Jr., the head of a financial services firm that served as underwriter for a $37.5 million UNO bond issue in 2011. Cabrera is the founder and chief executive officer of Cabrera Capital Markets, one of Chicago's leading Hispanic investment banks and a frequent recipient of pinstripe patronage from city bond issues."

Martin Cabrera, please report to the cosmetics department!


"Cabrera said Rangel will stay on in UNO's top job, saying there is 'no one more suitable to be CEO.'"

There is no one more suitable to be the CEO than the man who just said he had failed badly as the CEO.


"Rangel said he will accept all reform recommendations made last week by Wayne Andersen, a former federal judge UNO hired for $800 an hour following the Sun-Times reports."

Was one of those recommendations not to pay anyone $800 an hour for any damn thing?


"Andersen also recommended that UNO - which relies largely on funding from the Chicago Public Schools for its charter operation - ban nepotism in hiring. The Sun-Times reported in March that UNO has three of Rangel's relatives on the payroll."

Huh. That smacks of something, I just can't place my finger on what.

Biggest Hawks Win Since Cup Thingy
"Going into the third down 2-1 in a building where the Red Wings rarely lose, it didn't look good," our very own Jim "Coach" Coffman writes.

"After Marian Hossa's backhand power play goal just 3 minutes and 53 seconds into the game, the Hawks were blanked until Handzus put up his tally. With their three goals in the third period, the Hawks offense finally came through late."

Now the Hawks are on the verge of one of the best playoff comebacks in NHL history. But be forewarned: the Red Wings got here by beating the Ducks in Anaheim in Game 7.

Chance the Rapper vs. the Electric Daisy Carnival
In The Weekend in Chicago Rock, including the dude who's changing the game and highlights from the humongous (65,000 people) EDM festival in Joliet.

Beachwood Photo Booth
Chicago Man Grilling.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Like a daisy chain of love.


Posted on May 28, 2013

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SPORTS - Cubs, Sox At Pivot Points.

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